You are a Miracle...Now do Something About it

You are a Miracle…Now do Something About it

Do you have any idea what the chances were of you coming into existence?

It is estimated that in any one ejaculation that 200-600 million sperm are competing for one egg in the female reproductive system. This means that you were at least created with a 1 and 200 million shot. But that’s not all.

Before that sperm that is you found that egg and fertilized it, your father had to meet your mother. They had to talk and connect enough to have sex. These odds in this world is staggering in its own right.

Even before that though, if you can think about this, to create your father your grandmother and grandfather faced those same similar odds to creating your father. And the same odds or even greater were present for the creation of your mother.

Now that isn’t even all. These same odds were faced by every generation to create the exact lineage that is present all throughout your family history. If a different sperm mated with any egg along the way then you are totally different and not the you that is you today.

Lastly, if anywhere along the line your ancestors decided against having sex or didn’t get pregnant for any reason, history is completely different in the creation of you and you don’t exist.

With all of these odds stacked up against you being here today and being the you that you are today, it is estimated that your creation is at least a one in 400 trillion shot.

You are a miracle.

It is so incredible that you are here today living. I hope you can see this. Even if we just take from the moment of sex to conception, there were at least 200 million other sperm fighting for that egg. And you won that race.

You made it, you are here today. You have to understand that it is you that was the fittest and the best sperm out of those 200 million other sperm (again this is the conservative number).

It is so incredible that you are here today, but I want you to realize even more with this. If you could compete with over 200 million other sperm and win, there is nothing you can’t do. You have already proved that you were in the top 99.9999%, so why not take life even further?

You have greatness in you. Each and every one of you! So I have to ask what is stopping you from living the life of your dreams? Because that 1 out of 200 million sperm didn’t give a shit how he wasn’t supposed to make it, how the odds were stacked against him time and time again to mate with your mother’s egg. He did it. You did it. You are here because of the fight and the struggle you persevered through.

Your ancestors

Your ancestors from thousands of years ago fought for you to be here. They scrapped and struggled fighting wild animals and hunting just to survive so that they could have sex and bring your predecessors into existence.

Your ancestors would have given anything to have the ability to eat by just going to the store and asking for something instead of having to hunt for days and then to share with their tribe. They would have given anything to have a phone app where they can meet plenty of options for sex when before they would have had to search many other tribes and would have had to risk death in order to find one or two matches.

It is a great time to be living

In this day and age we have the ability to live an abundant life. You have all the resources that our ancestors wish they could have had and you have them with a touch of the button or a trip to the store.

There has never been more knowledge. You can learn anything, easily and quickly, with minimal costs or effort.

They fought for you

With the odds entirely stacked against themselves, they fought to survive and reproduce. They fought to bring you into existence.

In this day and age what you have to deal with is nothing like what they had to deal with. I encourage you to take advantage of this. You are already a winner. Your sperm proved it. If you could win a race against over 200 million other sperm, how hard would it really be to live the life of your dreams?

If you have this miracle capability inside you, why don’t you do more? Become more. Live the life you’ve always imagined because you have it in you. You are a miracle. Why not live like it?

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