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Submission Guidelines

**Submissions are now open! Please read this full page before submitting a post.**

Alter Shift is a community for those interested in how change works. We are coaches, healers, or anyone open to thinking and being in new ways. Thousands here are looking for the stories you have to share and the advise you have to give. This is a place for us to come learn and grow together.

And we have to. At this time there is a lot of misinformation out there. Coaches are becoming “experts” overnight, while healing and spiritual growth has taken a backseat to profits.

This is a place where you can come and openly share your experience in what has really worked in life change. Whether you are a coach yourself or just someone who has gone through change, we want to hear your stories.

Through sharing what we have all been through we can grow together. We believe here the change made within is about more than just you.

What Makes a Great Post?

The most popular posts on Alter Shift all have had the following in common:

  • They are deeply personal. Not to where they are very dark, but where any reader can connect with the author. In these posts, the writer has connected with the readers emotionally and showed them the depths of what they were feeling.
  • They are deep and thought provoking. Going through life we find that it’s not always that simple. These posts get our readers to think and really come to understand life on a deeper level.
  • These posts are clear and helpful. They are not filled with vague references and feel good advise that “should” work. They instead feature practical advise that anyone can apply to have better success with their lives.
  • They are something that the reader is looking for. In most processes of change, what you need will find you. We have put together a list of what people are actively looking for. Check it out here.

Why Write for Alter Shift?

  1. Your post will receive massive exposure. It will reach the front page of Alter Shift and be shown to thousands of active readers. In addition, it will be shared across all social media platforms and could even have the potential of going viral.
  2. Our community is active and engaging. These are the people looking for solutions to the questions they have about life.
  3. Every post includes a bio that you can fill out. Here you can tell us about your expertise and include two links back to your site. Most contributors find that featuring their writing on Alter Shift increases traffic to their website and subscribers to their blog.
  4. As an Alter Shift contributor, you can update your bio at any time to promote products/services you may be launching.
  5. We will give you a super fancy promotional Alter Shift badge that you can post on your website increasing your notoriety and credibility.

Writing Guidelines

  • Check out what articles people are currently looking for. We have a list here that you can see what is trending. Writing a trending article dramatically increases your chances of getting published.
  • Your word count should be somewhere between 1000-2000 words.
  • Pick a strong title. One that will stand out to readers and make them read what you have to say.
  • Pictures. Do include a non-copyrighted picture in your submission. You can find free photos at Pixabay. These are subject to editor changes.
  • Take us deeply into your story of change. Show us where you were at, what you were feeling, what you thought was going to happen, and what eventually did happen. We want to be there with you. Take us on a journey.
  • Choose a topic that is related to personal change and relate it where anyone can understand what happened and how someone grew from that experience. Topics could include what you thought and learned about life, personal development, coaching, getting over traumas, quitting unhealthy habits, how you learned to relate better with others, marketing, business, dating, or health. These topics need to show how anyone can learn and grow through your experience.
  • Your post should be about sharing experiences and improving readers lives. Referencing your blog or mastermind group aside from these purposes isn’t something that our readers are looking for. Save those for your bio where they are welcome.
  • You must provide original and honest work. Republishing work you have already done or making up a story is not what we’re looking for. Our readers want and engage in original, truthful content.
  • Keep paragraphs to three sentences or fewer. Include a bio, sixty words or fewer, at the bottom of the post. You can include two links to your website or social media.

How to Submit

  • Send your post in plain text, not HTML, in Microsoft Word or Google Docs to andrea@altershift.com, with the title in the subject line. Please only send one submission per email. We prefer Google Docs 😉
  • Use plain text. Our editors will go ahead and take care of any headings, italics, or formatting.
  • Upload a photo of yourself at gravatar.com. Also, include in your email the email address you linked to your gravatar account.
  • Include your bio in your email. This should be no more than 60 words and will link back to your website or social media.

How It Works

If your post feels like a good fit you will hear back from us within two weeks. If you don’t receive a response, please feel free to try again with a different post.

You may be asked to make your post stronger or more clear. We may need you to go more in depth with our readers or to share more of your experience. In addition, we might also change the title of the post.

Your post may be edited for clarity, grammar, and overall style. If there are any major changes made, you will be asked to review and approve it first.

Thanks for sharing, and we look forward to reading the light you have within!

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