Will You Regret Life – The Deathbed Pattern

Will You Regret Life? – The Deathbed Pattern

In the final moments before you die, will you regret your life? Will you look back on the life you lived and know that you could have done more, been more, and lived life more?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions now then it is going to benefit you to find out right now.

Often time’s people live uninspired lives. The follow the directions of others and deny the things that they want most in life. Some of these people also struggle with addictions, traps, being stuck, and unhappy. It is the situation where so many people are living lives that they don’t want to be living.

When they are drifting through their life uninspired, unmotivated, and unsatisfied with their life, it may just be of the biggest benefit to imagine how it would be if life was about to be over.

From that perspective things change. Life begins to have meaning and what you are doing now comes into a new light. Most times people realize what the things that are contributing to their highest purpose and the things that are not.

When they have this, they can make changes in their life now. From the perspective of it’s all going to be gone so I might as well live, massive life change can happen and new life can emanate from begin.

I want you to get into a nice and relaxing place of comfort.

In that place and as you’re reading these words now just come to realize a time that you really appreciated yourself. And from that self-appreciation continue to grow those feelings so you can appreciate yourself even more now.

When you have that and are feeling good in those feelings of self-appreciation, I want you to fast forward your life and imagine that you can see yourself on your deathbed as you are on your final days or hours. You can now feel even more feelings of self-appreciation as you are doing this for your benefit.

And appreciating yourself you can go ahead and see yourself there and then you can go inside dying self in this moment. Feeling the feelings of self-appreciation still you can appreciate you, but also now from an inside perspective feel what you feel and look at your life and how it’s been all the way up until now close to your dying moment.

How was your life? Did you live and experience the things that you wanted to and in the ways that you wanted to? What is the one thing that you wish you could have done, been, seen, or experienced? You can allow yourself to go through all of these things and really get an experience about how the older you will feel about your life when it is almost over.

Go ahead and give it a moment to really take in that older you.

Now that you have done that, I want you to go ahead and drift out of that older you and you can go ahead to a place in that room with that person. Go ahead and communicate with them. Since they love and appreciate the person you are because you are only there for your benefit, have them tell you something and give you some advise about how you should live your life and what you should be doing with it.

Take your time and really listen to that older you.

Now that you have done that, go ahead and take that knowledge in within you and bring it all the way back to here and now. Having all those insights, you can now look at your life here and answer for yourself. Are you really living the life you want to live now? Is what you are doing with your life contributing to your highest purpose? Are you happy?

And feeling these feelings of deep self-appreciation you can thank yourself for going through this process of learning.

You may find that what you are doing now isn’t fulfilling you in the best way. If this is the case we can figure out what you want most in life and how you can get there.

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