What I Learned After Helping the Homeless

I never understood why people would donate their time and money to help those less fortunate.

In my studies of highly successful people, just about all of them were interested in giving back to the community and others in some way.

Bill and Melinda Gates have one of the largest organizations aimed at enhancing healthcare, reducing poverty, and improving access to educational opportunities through technology.

Tony Robbin’s Foundation gives away thanksgiving dinners every thanksgiving in a tradition that Tony founded many years ago when he gave two dinners to families on the holiday.

Lebron James just recently pledged over $40 million in an effort to give college scholarships to 1,100 at-risk children in the Akron area.

The last step of Dave Ramsey’s financial strategy steps is to give back to others. Once you’ve taken care of yourself, made sure that you are okay financial, then the goal is to give away money to other people.

What is more incredible than anything is the emotions involved when giving.

I volunteered at Volunteers of America just a short time ago with my meet up group New NLP Denver. We served food and cleaned up the kitchen for the facility that takes care of hundreds of homeless people.

Volunteer 1

What I found for me the reason to give back was that I am so grateful and I want to share those feelings of gratefulness with others who aren’t so familiar with feeling good or knowing gratitude.

By giving to someone who has nothing to give, I have found it to be one of the strongest, and most empowering feelings.

It’s incredible to not want anything for someone, but just their well-being and having unconditional love for them, it is a feeling that warms your heart.

We finished cleaning the kitchen and I felt truly inspired in a way that I didn’t even know I would be. To help others really is one of the greatest gifts we have.

Tony Robbins brought me to tears when I heard him talk about when a man brought Tony’s struggling family food on Thanksgiving, “If strangers care about me then I am going to care about strangers.”

I am so grateful for the things in my life and I want to share good feelings with others. It’s about sharing with others and caring for them. Having just one person thank me the other day for helping out made all the difference for me.

If you get a chance volunteer at any local organizations that you can. They will be glad that you are there to help, and by just giving your time you will find how incredible it feels to give. You might even make the difference for someone else.


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