What Do You Want

What Do You Want?

The genie said you get three wishes, and you can have anything you want. 

Do you know what you want in a relationship or even life?

I can’t tell you how many times I have been on a date with a girl and she told me she had no idea what she wants in a relationship or even life. I often ask the question, “Well how would you know that you had what you are seeking then?” They don’t know the answer to the question either, but it finally gets them to think about it.

A lot of people are unhappy and have the idea that someone else would be able to fill their cup and make them happy, but often this is not the case. They think that by just having someone in their life, it would get better, and their sadness would go away.

Happiness comes from having your life match what you think it should be. 

The happiness comes from inside, but more than anything it comes from a realization that life is how you want it to be. When your life is exactly how it ‘should’ be, that is when I have seen that people are most happy.

You can do this in a moment and I will have more insight on a future blog post, but for here and now we will look at the start of the process. What is it that you really want?

Too many people don’t decide what they their life should be. Take the first step and DECIDE. 

By answering this question and giving your brain a definite aim you set yourself in motion toward the direction of bringing that thing into your life. The more specific in identifying what you want and how much precision you can bring to this, the better off you will be at helping your brain by giving it the direction that it needs to go.

It is called the reticular activation system (RAS), a part in the brain that filters out value based on what your brain finds useful to you. There’s plenty more to this, but for our purposes here, we will only need to know how this can help ourselves focus on what is important to us.

I consider this also with the law of attraction as a way that you can direct and guide your brain to automatically present your mind with opportunities to meet that person you want, create that relationship you desire, or bring anything else you are after into realization.

Make it about you and decide now. 

Decide what you want right now. Leave out all of your external influences, but listen to who you are and what you really want in your life. What would make you most happy to bring into your life? Disregard all thoughts of impossibility or you not being able to do that. Here we are dreaming, and what is amazing about dreaming is you have the power and the amazing ability to bring those dreams into reality.

When you decide what you want, you give your brain and the universe a direct suggestion on what to bring into your life. There is a lot more that you will need to do, but you will find the how along the way as long as you know the what.

I encourage you to live out your full potential. You were meant to be so much more and by overcoming your limitations and going for what you want it is all possible. First make the decision.

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