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Today we got a special feature. We are showing you Well Clinic, a center in San Francisco devoted to change and positive growth. For this we will be speaking with Maya Johansson, founder of Well Clinic that has been in business since 2011 with the mission finding high quality therapy more accessible.

For those looking at starting Wellness centers or community healing centers, this feature is for you.

What is Well Clinic? 

We are a mental wellness center. We provide psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families, and cofounders. We also have psychiatric services and offer support groups.

Our mission is to make the care for our mental health and wellness more accessible and welcoming. We aim to dismantle the stigma of therapy by creating a space that is collaborative and modern. Everyone should seek professional support at some point in their lives. Everyday stressors- anxiety, loss, break-ups, financial upheaval- happen to everyone and can be significantly less derailing with the support of a professional.

Finding a therapist can be daunting so we offer an individualized process that helps guide potential clients to the right practitioner. We want to remove the barrier of not knowing where to start when you decide to seek therapy. It can be overwhelming and hard to know who to a call and what questions to ask to find the right fit. We want to normalize this whole experience by providing extra support and allowing folks to engage with us through modern platforms.

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How was Well Clinic established?

We were a small group of colleagues who shared the vision of a collaborative center. We knew from past experience that when you work with your peers and share consultation, training, and collaborate the quality of work is higher. It also means that you have more transparency and a higher standard. We wanted to bring therapy to the masses- allow every-day working professionals in San Francisco the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives and relationships with the support of therapy services.

From what I can tell work with purpose means a lot to your organization, what is your purpose?

The work we do facilitates people having more ease and less stress and pain in their lives. It helps them grow into healthier versions of themselves and gives them a safe and comfortable place to do this work. There are ripple effects to this work in every area of life. If you’re in less pain you’re more generous, more insightful- you’re a better partner, boss, parent, colleague, sibling, and member of your community. The purpose of our work is not only to help individuals with their individual problems, but also for this to impact the larger system of relationships in these client’s lives.
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What makes Well Clinic different?

We are different in several ways. We offer a unique intake process where people can call in and will be guided through the process of being matched with the best therapist for them. We provide free consultation along the way in order to give information on how we work and how therapy can be useful. If we are not the best fit for someone or can’t meet their needs we have many resources and referrals to offer. Even when we can’t take someone in, we still want to be of service to them reaching their goals. We are in a position to offer uniquely collaborative services as well because all of our clinicians work together. If people are seeking support individually and in their relationship they can all be seen under one roof and the therapists can collaborate to offer the most successful services.
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Please share with us the most inspirational story you have experienced in your work at Well Clinic. 

I can only speak in generalities due to confidentiality, of course. Two instances come to mind: A couple who were having problems came in for couples counseling and decided to work with individual therapists as well. As a result of this helping their relationship so much they asked to also bring in both of their parents who were caregivers and grandparents to their children. There had been years of tension in that relationship that was unaddressed and unresolved. We did group therapy with both therapists, both clients, and all of their parents. Everyone was able to move through their hurt feelings enough to be honest and express wounds from the past. There were many tears and so much love and desire for connection expressed that had never been possible before. It was so moving.
Another example was a high-level executive who came in to work on communication with his partner. Through their journey and opening up with each other the client was able to see that the same intimidation tactics that he used in his marriage he also used in his management of his staff. As he gained insight and saw how a different and more vulnerable way of communicating was possible, he radically shifted the way he worked professionally as well and gained new respect from his direct reports. Both his work life and personal life were transformed by his journey in therapy.
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From the perspective of Well Clinic how can we make the world a better place?

I started answering this above to some degree. The world is improved by individuals being better at relationship in all areas- personally and professionally. This is really hard to do when you’re in a lot of emotional pain or are still feeling the effects of unprocessed trauma. If you can find resolution to these things you will also be a better member of your community. As in the example above- a boss who is able to change the way he manages then effects all his staff. Those people will then have less stress, better pay, and better role-modeling of communication. This will then impact how they behave at home, on the road, with their families, etc. The ripple effects of doing personal work are endless and transformative.

Where can we find more about Well Clinic?

Our website is https://www.wellsanfrancisco.com/. Visit us if you are in the San Francisco area.

Facebook Page – Well Clinic

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