welcome allow me to introduce myself

Welcome – Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My relationships sucked. I could hardly make it to the gym on a regular basis and my body hated me for it. I was thousands of dollars in debt. I was in the dark depths of all areas in my life wondering what to do next. I sat in my room wondering how my life got so far off track and how I could possibly get it to a place where I was happy again. Little did I know at the time that through my hardest times came my greatest strength.

Sitting there on my bed, wondering how I didn’t have a girlfriend or any real friends. This was the biggest cause for concern in my life at the time. I asked myself how I could have gotten to this place in my life. I imagined other people who I knew, both positive and negative, and I realized that life didn’t have to be this way for everyone.  I decided right then and there in my place of struggle that I was going to change.

I looked for the answers on the internet. I had never been taught to go after the life I wanted. I was never taught how to interact with others or to create fulfilling relationships. No one told me how to balance going to the gym with everything else I was doing. There wasn’t a class that taught us how to manage money and do our taxes in school. Now was my chance to learn.

Flooding myself with information, Google became my best friend. I learned how to connect with others through conversation. I learned how to get on a schedule and go to the gym regularly. I learned how to become debt-free and do it within only a matter of months. All of this knowledge I absorbed over the next few years I thought transformed my life, but it wasn’t until I got to a place of further realization that I came to the real change.

While driving to give a Saturday seminar at my meet up group, I realized the most most powerful knowledge I could have gained in this whole journey. As I passed a semi and thought about my life, I came to the epiphany that this change was inside me the whole time. The moment that I decided that my life needed to be different was the moment everything was altered. The change came from within first and then permeated everywhere else.

I designed this website to become a powerful tool for anyone interested in obtaining the life they want. Whether you are after better relationships, better health, or better finances the tools here are all presented to give you an edge in getting the life of your dreams in the way you want it.

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