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Try for Free

Okay, so you weren’t convinced. I get it, there are a lot of people on the internet and many are promising a lot of things.

Most of it is hogwash.

But I want the chance to prove to you that joining a Mastermind Group with us is one of the best decisions you will make in your life. In fact, I am so convinced that I’m willing to to let you sit on one of our sessions absolutely free!

You won’t be able to share about your journey, getting specific advise, and support, but you will get the opportunity as a guest to see what that would look like for you every week as our members continue to grow and move forward in their lives.

I’m so confident that you will love it and will get so much from even attending as a guest that here is my invitation.

All you have to do is email Andrea at and tell her that you would like to attend a group mastermind for free. She is such a sweetheart that she will even put together a special guest package just for you (I would never do this 😝). So go ahead and email her at, tell her which day works for you and she will put you on the guest list either this week or next for one of our mastermind groups.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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