The Truth About Change

The Truth About Change

People often believe that change is hard and takes a lot of work. I am here to tell you that it’s not hard and doesn’t have to take a lot of work.

The problem is that people have these beliefs about change, what it really is, and how they can change their lives that don’t necessarily agree with how life can be. While it might be true that change can be hard and take a lot of time, it doesn’t have to be that way.

These beliefs have been perpetuated through schools of psychology, society, and many other places for years so much so that they often become part of a person’s mindset when they go about changing their life.

And when they actually believe that change is hard, it becomes so.

Anytime anyone has changed it first started inside. I can talk to you and inspire you to get you to see a new way or a new perspective, or I can even suggest a new way of thinking about things, but it is only when you take on that new perspective inside of you that the change occurs.

While knowledge and insights may come your way in a gradual and slow process, where it appears that learning is slow, in a moment when you see that new direction and decide to incorporate that in your life is the moment that the change occurs.

Whether this means that you finally figure out that smoking has been a habitual pattern that you have had for years and now you have a new way of dealing with your emotions; or you finally make the change in your mind that you identify as a healthy and fit person meaning that you do go to the gym frequently; or it could even be in that moment when you decide that you are a person worth the love and affection of another, thus bringing that into your life; all of these changes happened in a moment.

Now the hard part here and what they don’t tell you is that acclimating to the change is the challenging part.

I can help you develop the change inside that makes you feel like the ultimate ladies man, but if you have no contextual reference for it or your life exemplifies the complete opposite then you are likely to revert to the old you.

In the same way you can believe yourself to be a millionaire, to have the exact same mindsets as millionaires, but if your external realities don’t come close then the challenging part is going to sustain that change.

Change has to be both an internal and external shift in your mind and in your circumstances. It can start in the mind or outside in the world, but to be effective at truly changing your life, you will need to acclimate the change to both areas in your life.

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