The Technique You Need for Wealth

The Technique You Need for Wealth

Many of the questions I get asking about NLP relate to how to get more money in their lives. By far this is the biggest challenge I have seen others have all over the world. People want more money and they are trying to get it.

Yet for the vast majority of the population they won’t ever truly know what wealth is. It is no accident that half of the world’s wealth is owned by the wealthiest 1% of the population of the world. People have speculated whether this is fair, just, or if it is just flat out wrong and morally evil.

It’s not important here to speculate, to judge, or to be envious of these people who have the tremendous amounts of money that they do, but we can use this information so that we can learn from them and use the situation and life how it is to our advantage.

To be very honest with you, I struggled for a few years with Alter Shift. Before, I was unclear about who we were and what we were about. I was lost in the life coach struggle.

Then, what happened is I came to a place where I had to figure this out. I had to learn what it took to be very successful financially. So, I studied the wealthiest people of the world’s history. These captains of industry were John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and the Rothchild family. What I learned wasn’t overly complex or out of this world and I want to give it to you now.

Acquiring wealth is all about delivering more value to more people.

This is the technique. If you aren’t finding yourself wealthy as you would like to be, then you need to find ways to reach more people with more value. Now there are a few other points that you should know.

It doesn’t so much matter what you think value is. I talked about this on another post here. The value is in the eye of those you serve.

One example of this is Jon Huntsman Sr. who was the richest man in Utah because his company developed the clamshell packaging that was used for McDonald’s hamburgers. Now at the offset this might not appear to be valuable, but this man has provided value to millions of humans who have consumed McDonald’s hamburgers all over the world and just from providing the packaging.

It is a very simple equation. The more value that you provide, the more wealth you will obtain. However, even though it is simple it is not always easy.

What you want to do is find ways that you can contribute to the world and give more value to others. To do this, start where you are at. How can you add more value at your current job? How can you add more value to others outside of your current company? For some people providing more value to others means climbing the corporate ladder. For others it means creating their own businesses. Some will even do both. Your aim has to be about how you can serve more of the world.

This has been what the captains of industry did. I cover this more in my free ebook The Wealth Equation, but the wealthiest men before us strategically made it so that they were the ones providing the most value to the most people.

John D. Rockefeller did this by providing oil to the millions. Andrew Carnegie did this by building large steel buildings in metropolises. And the Rothchild family did this by loaning millions to governments that were in support the people.

In what you can learn from these businessmen is that they were providing value to millions of people. Whether it is owning a business that you can use to serve customers all over the world in addition to your own employees, or anything else, if you want to create more wealth for yourself, find ways to give people more value.

The most important technique you need for making more money is to provide more value.

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