The Surprising Decision That Opened up my Life

There I was facing the decision that would totally change my life. Totally unaware of just how much this choice would affect me and my future, I decided to make the jump.

This decision had been a long time coming.

Before, I was living in Denver in a job that I was particularly tired of. The meaning was devoid and I knew eventually I would be leaving. The decision to let that go and pursue my own business was a rather easy one comparatively to this one new decision.

Here I was though facing my computer screen in anticipation of what was about to come.

I clicked the mouse unknowing of all the implications it would have for my life.

At the time, I was  paying almost $1,000 a month for a one bedroom apartment in a run-down neighborhood in Denver. The city was getting more people every month with the legalization of marijuana and while I was ecstatic that New NLP Denver was growing and I had friends everywhere, I knew the decision was right for me to go against the grain and take bold action.

I heard the button click and saw the confirmation upon my purchase of a one-way ticket to Bali, Indonesia.

For this I knew I would have to sell just about all of my stuff and give up my wonderfully comfortable life in Denver. I knew that I would have to expand how I viewed the world. I also know that I would be put in totally new and challenge situations that I couldn’t even imagine.

These are actually funny afterwards now. See my arrival in Bali.

I had never been out of the country previously. In fact I had never been on a plane ride longer than three hours before.

But I can say today that this was the best decision that I have ever made.

I am writing this right now on the beach of this gorgeous Bali shore. Currently I am working on the new content for managing relationships while using Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Later today I will be on a podcast talking about NLP.

Traveling to a new country was a whole new challenge that encouraged me to push my comfort zone and it has all been worth it.

I sold all of my things that wouldn’t fit in storage. I said goodbye to my friends, my family, New NLP Denver, and a life that I had come to love, but it could not compare to the growth and the new experiences that I currently get to take part in each and every day.

People here are a lot different. They live life in different ways, but it all makes sense and it really is kind of remarkable. I get the chance to live really inexpensively. I pay less than I could have imagined for an apartment with more amenities than I really need. I am even five minutes away from the beach.

These surface things are of course great, but they don’t mean nearly as much as how great it has impacted me as a person.

I have new perspectives on life. I can connect with people differently and even better. I am able to go into any situation and I know that it will turn out well, even if I don’t know the language or how to say any of the necessary things to communicate to the other person.

I am now even more dependable to myself. Living in a place that is like paradise has forced me to be more self-aware and self disciplined. I could go off and have fun for a day, but then I would be further away from my dreams so it gets done.

I know this about myself and I have a greater love for me, other people and the world. Traveling for me has been the best decision that I have made in my life.

What scary or uncomfortable decision are you putting off that may just transform who you are and how you go through life?

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