Ring of Passknot

The Ring of Passknot

Have you ever felt that moment where you are so close to a goal…and then it feels like a truck takes you off your feet?

Just when you are about to reach your destination and when you are so close to having what you want everything goes to hell.

This happens more often than you would think, but this resistance and hardship that you are facing in this moment is only a test from the universe. It is challenging you to see if you have what it takes.

This is the key to getting past your failures.

This is an old esoteric teaching that has been lost from the archives and absent from Google. It was told to me by a woman who I could only call a prominent gypsy, but it had the power to change how I looked at things. The idea is that you need to get past the point of failure.

The Ring of Passknot is what happens when you are so close to achieving your goal. Up until this point you had positive momentum pointing you towards success until suddenly there is a certain shift in energy.

This resistance is what is known as the Ring of Passknot.

It is no more or no less than the universe challenging and testing you to see if you have what it takes to strive on and attain the accomplishments that you set after.

I view this as vibrational energy. On your journey you have been vibrating at a certain frequency and in order to get the thing you are after you have to raise that energy to a level that is even higher in order to attracts your desires.

This shift in energy when the challenge comes is only the test to see if you can raise your energy. You have to in order to win the prize.

A friend had told me about when they were trying to break the sound barrier when flying jet aircrafts.

Time after time the pilots who were right on the edge of breaking the sound barrier and raising themselves to new heights would face the resistance right at that moment where they were just about to break the sound barrier. These pilots hesitated for a second and didn’t push through causing their jets to crash and their lives to be ended.

One pilot however was even more gung-ho about breaking the sound barrier that at that moment he faced the resistance and the plane began to shake he gave his efforts even more juice. He ramped up his intensity and went even harder. This was the moment of trial and he could either raise his energy level or he could become another lost and forgotten soul on the abyss of accomplishment.

This pilot broke the sound barrier.

He found new heights of exploration and changed how jets worked today in the modern age. This new level that he attained was transformative, but only because he would push through at that moment of greatest resistance.

This trial happens all throughout life. Whenever you have a goal or a new height that you are about to attain this challenge will come up.

The Ring of Passknot will present itself.

It has to be because it has to test you and inspire you to raise your energy. It has to motivate you to be more and to do more. Becoming that person who has what you want will come along with the test of will that you are presented.

Overcoming that challenge may just mean the world to you. While balking in the face of that obstacle could destroy you.

When you don’t push through the Ring of Passknot you are defeated and broken. You have just reaffirmed to yourself that the task was too big. It was too challenging and you didn’t think you were good enough. Turning back seemed to be the better option and when this happens you affirm your current level of energy.

But it can get even worse.

By not fighting on in the face of that challenge you can lose your confidence and think even less of yourself. This can lower your energy level and take you down in life. This will have a toll on you and your goals going forward.

You now have evidence that you couldn’t accomplish your goals. This can leave you feeling even worse about future accomplishment.

However more often then not, the pain becomes so great that you fight on anyway.

This leads you desiring your goals and dreams even more. Thinking of the pain and the failure that you went through last time, you will be inspired to new heights.

Having an idea that it is at least possible since you were close before, you can go back and take on the difficult task of pursuing your goal again. With a new and inspired enthusiasm you can fight on and combining this compelling dream with the pain that you suffered before you can once again get to that Ring of Passknot.

This is your test from the universe.

At this moment when you finally have momentum on your side and you are fighting so hard to get your goal, this is when the challenge is going to come. It will attempt to stop you dead in your tracks and to get you to turn back.

This is the time that you have the choice to move forward. Gathering up all of your courage and energy you have the option to proceed in the direction that you know you need to go or you can fall back down again.

Once you get past that greatest resistance you will find a you that you weren’t even aware was there. You will have become that person you wanted to become.

From here everything sails by without too much worry or concern. You are that person and now it is just a matter of time until your achievement is complete.

By taking the step past the Ring of Passknot you will empower your life. You will have raised your energy level up to a frequency where attaining your goal is possible and you will be able to enjoy the triumph of that victory.

Recognize when you are after a significant goal that there is going to be resistance that you need to get past. The greatest resistance is known as the Ring of Passknot and getting past this obstacle will lead you to your greatest successes.

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