It's About the Person You Become

It’s About the Person You Become

Have you ever had a hard time getting the things you want most in life? Maybe you have even heard about the law of attraction?

The law of attraction which was popularized in the hit movie by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret, states that what you think about you bring about.

Focusing on that what we want absolutely most in life, concentrating on those thoughts-whether it is a relationship, financial success, being healthy, or anything else-is supposed to come into your life.

Often people see this movie and then they get inspired in their lives. They realize that they can notice the law of attraction working in their lives from before and now they are empowered to take action and change their lives going forward.

However what they find is that it doesn’t quite work like how they thought it would. I’m going to share with you today how this law is misunderstood and how you can actually successfully apply this law in your life.

It’s not about doing. It’s about BEING.

This is the biggest misunderstanding in people who just learn about the Secret make. Often they create a vision board or recreate their house or workspaces with photos of what they want in an attempt to change their thoughts. Hoping that this law will work for them they do these things and others, but it is not about pushing. Instead it is about pulling things into your life. It is about attraction and not doing stuff to get things.

To bring something into your life you will have a lot of doing that needs to be done, but when this is most effective is from the place of BEING that person who attracts those thing into their life.

Let’s say you want to attract wealth into your life. One of the most the best I know at doing so is Tony Robbins. For Tony to attract more wealth into his life he is going to have to do some things of course, but there is very little that he will need to do compared to someone who isn’t as apt at creating wealth. In addition there is only so much that one can do. Tony and you only have so many hours in the day.

Look at what you want to attract in your life and then look at the person who you would have to be to attract that thing.

If I am a man looking to attract that beautiful woman into my life, I can think that by me doing some things that she will like me and then I can have her. From this place I think about all of my doing in an expectation of having her, but instead if I come from the mindset of I am the person who this woman would love to have in her life, and I am that person then the dynamics are completely changed.

When you come show up in life BEING the person who has what you want to have in your life is far more powerful and is where all of the true action that gets you results comes from. When you act from this person who has what you want, knowing that you can attract that thing into your life, then your actions come from a more successful place.

I could go out and learn a bunch of techniques (the doing) about how to talk to woman I am attracted to, but if I am not that attractive man who she would love to have in her life, the one who says those things and does those things himself, then my success in doing those things will be temporary at best. Any success will not last and who I truly am will come out.

The same will hold true for attracting wealth as well. If all of my actions are things such as putting up a vision board and writing $1,000,000 on a one-dollar bill, without any action coming from that place of being that wealthy person I want to be, then the effort is futile and the observation comes from many, “The Secret doesn’t work.”

It does work though. All the time and with everyone. The Law of Attraction is like gravity.

So you are at that point where you want to bring those things into your life, what do you do?

1.) Get around successful people.

Take the time to interact with the people who have brought these things into your life. Here you will get in touch with the type of energy it will take to become that person. In essence the more you surround yourself with these successful people the more of an opportunity you will have to raise your vibrational frequency to theirs.

If you find that your aspirations are high and you can’t rub elbows with Tony Robbins, then get his book and absorb all of his knowledge. Learn what that successful person knows and emulate their mindsets.

2.) Try new things and new behaviors that you learn

This is where the doing comes into place. By hanging out with people who are successful in what you would like to attract, you are likely learning a whole bunch of new behaviors that they do. It could be the same behaviors as before or just that they do them differently from their place of being, but here you will want to try new things.

You do this so you can get more in touch with how the person you need to be will have to act toward getting what they want. This is more than anything a process of you learning how to be that person that attracts those things in your life. The doing here will lead you toward that.

3.) Allow your desire to come to you

This can be the most challenging part as a lot of people they just want to see if the plant is growing or not before it has a chance to sprout and thus produce you with the object of your desire. Let the plant grow, if you dig up the roots to see if it is growing then you kill the plant.

Instead go forth with faith that you will get what you want in life. Whether it is wealth or a relationship, continue to be that person who will attract those things into their live. Make more opportunities and open yourself further to allow what will come into your life.

What you have to remember about the law of attraction is that it is not about the doing, but who you ARE. If you want to attract more wealth in your life, BECOME more. If you want to attract that person you desire, BECOME more attractive.

Life is a process of growth and change. You are always becoming something, but the key here is to BECOME WHAT YOU WANT. For whatever goal you have, the insight you need is that you already have what it takes; you just need to direct your energy in effective ways.

This is why it helps to have coaches and mentors who can help you better direct your energy towards the goals and dreams that you really want to pursue. By having an outside perspective, someone who cares about you, and someone who has done similar things in your corner they can help drive you toward success.

Attracting what you want in life, achieving your dreams and goals won’t always be easy. Likely it’s going to take perseverance and patience, but it’s a process of BECOMING.

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