The One Year, One Man $30k a Month Start Up

The One Year, One Man $30k a Month Start Up

It was 1am in the morning and we had just finished our 50 minute intense work session. My friend, was shirtless, on the table dancing goofily in the co-working space that we are working at in Bali, Indonesia.

We all have our Macbooks and we are all getting more work done (or better work) than we could be doing in our home countries and this man is still set apart from the rest of us.

It’s not because his shirt is off or even that he is dancing, we are all doing that as it is part of our nightly work routine. We work hard, intense, and focused for 50 minutes then we have 10 minutes where we blast music like crazy and celebrate.  

Instead this man stands out because we all know his story, and it is incredible.

Years ago, he wanted to make the digital nomading thing work so he set out to do a new start up every month. He learned coding, marketing, writing, and everything he needed as he went.

He didn’t spend a lot of time going to college, at a coding bootcamp, learning how start, or anything like that. Instead, he looked for problems and then he learned how to develop solutions for them.

With this basic problem solving mentality he just started. Then, he got better and better at building start ups that solved problems and helped a lot of people. One of his projects, a website giving travel information to millions of digital nomads then took off.

This caused him to focus in on this one start up and really build it to where he is at now. I remember a year ago staying up with him into the wee hours of the morning when he first really got this thing going. It’s important because I wanted to know his mindset.

With anything we can do in life, us humans have the ability to learn how to do it. In our times it’s difficult to get past these marketers who are trying to sell you on the courses and you getting the information you need to be successful, but the concept is to model those who are doing it.

It is part of the reason I went all the way out to Bali, Indonesia to learn from some of the best entrepreneurs on the planet. If you don’t know how to do something or if you don’t have the right mindset for accomplishing something you want to, you can model someone else’s.

This was exactly what I was doing with my friend. I knew he was winning in business so I wanted to know what he knows and I wanted to think like he does. Here are some keys:

-Be focused on solving the problems

-The how you can figure out, it doesn’t matter how you will do it, you will find a way

-Provide value. There is so much bullshit out there, just give people something useful

-Quit talking and do it. He didn’t talk about stuff he just took action.

-Anything you need to learn you can learn on Google.

When you are modeling you can take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. It is important for you to find people who are doing what you want to accomplish and find out what their mindsets are.

With my friend here, I noticed how the way he thinks directly impacts the way his business runs.

He grew this enterprise we were talking about here all by himself. He wrote the code and built it into a bigger platform. He found a way to monetize it. Now, he hires one guy to make sure no disasters happen on the website while robots are continually updating the code and making sure the site functions correctly.

The guy is truly brilliant, but the point is that he isn’t so far out there. Sure, he thinks about life differently than a lot of people that I know however his way of thinking about life has led to great entrepreneurial success and can be of great benefit to those who want this success.

Wherever you are now, look for those who are winning and figure out their mindsets. I have a sophisticated tool for doing this called NLP, but you can get started understanding how this winners see life right now.

It’s no secret that ones who winning in business think slightly different about the world. Who can you find that can help you think differently and better about your current operation?

***Update my friend’s site is now making +$40,000/month***

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