The One Mindset You Need To Change Your Life

The One Mindset You Need To Change Your Life

Have you ever felt that life is just happening to you?

Some people believe that they have no control over life, that no matter what they do, life will just happen to them.

This thinking usually comes from events in life that has made a person feel out of control. Whether this is a tragedy or some other life circumstance that has put everything into this perspective, it can be extremely limiting.

When a person comes at the effect of life they have no control.

This is a belief that the person can change, but when this person believes that life happens to them it is hard to take action because the action is futile. If they did any action it would be pointless because the universe or outside influences are the only thing that can contribute to the change and impact this person’s life.

But the implications go much deeper.

If life just happens to you in a way it is just like luck. A person goes through their life and things happen where suddenly this person may have a job, a family, or even goals and dreams. It is just chance.

These are all generally good things, but they mean less when a person doesn’t choose them. If the universe just placed these things in this person’s life, likely they aren’t as valuable as if that person chose them, and the ability for that person to fight for them is diminished.

A person values more what they actively bring into their life than just what happens.

This person then goes through life not always making choices on what they want because they don’t have the control. So if it does happen that they come to a place where they are unhappy it is going to be on something external to them to cause change.

Having a relationship with a person in this mindset is challenging. When they didn’t actively choose you it’s unlikely they will fight to keep you or to even make it a good relationship in the first place. It can leave you feeling unappreciated and taken for granted. It can lead to many problems, but it’s just a belief someone has.

This is just a belief that limits a person, but what is the more empowering belief?

Another way of thinking of things is that you design your life. You are at the cause of life and the universe will arrange itself in ways of your choosing.

I don’t know how everything in life really is, but I do know when I live life with this belief I have the power over my life and this changes everything!

Successful people have the belief that they create their life.

If you choose your life then those things such as your career, relationship, goals, and everything else in your life are going to matter that much more for you. Since you chose it then you will want it more, and you likely are much more willing to fight for it.

If you are in a relationship, you chose that other person NOT because they just ended up with you, but because they are special. While the universe is abundant, you choosing that person means that they had something else that others didn’t.

When this happens you are going to fight for that relationship.

Having the belief that you create your life allows you to take control. With this mindset you believe that you have the capability to change and that you have the ability to impact the world.

Your actions mean something and standing still is of little value for you because it is worth it to make the most of this moment in life. This mindset brings a meaning to life and empowers you.

Believing that you can control your life puts you at cause in the universe.

Coming at cause can be difficult because you have to make the decision. You have to decide what you want in life. Then you have to figure out how to go out and make that happen.

When you take action and things start happening the universe opens up to you. It will take perseverance and persistence, but the world starts to take shape and you get closer and closer to what you want. Things start to shift around you as your goals are becoming realities.

When you come from cause, the universe starts to come at effect.

Things in life are going to happen that we cannot control. Tragedy, loss, and other events happen, but when we decide we can make the lives we want we empower ourselves.

When we decide we want that type of life and we want to be that type of person we desire, then things shift and the universe starts arranging it to suit our wants and dreams.

If we want to have a family, a relationship, a career, or anything that life can offer we have the ability to attract that into our lives.

As the world is abundant, the options, choice, and potential to bring these things into our lives are limitless. The only limitation in this is if we are to be attached to a certain outcome- “I have to have this one certain person.” When this happens we become dependent on that other person.

While we may not be able to have exactly that person, that job, or that specific thing, we certainly can have a person just like that or a life just like that. I have more on this in a future blog post, but what you need to know is that being attached to a certain person or a specific thing is going to limit you. Instead, design a compelling vision for your life, one that you really want to go after.

People can go back and forth from these beliefs. It is in your power to control your mind and thoughts. This is the one thing that I do know. When you do this you control your life. Make the choice. 

No matter what comes in your way, you have the ability to make the life of your dreams.

Choose what you want for life and then without limitations become the person that attracts the life you want. Take the power over your life. Be at the cause in the universe and have the universe be the effect that bends to your desires.

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