Why Football Players Get $25 Million

Since really going in depth with my business and others, I see a lot of major sporting events as business events now. With the Super Bowl being today and advertisers set to spend $5 million per a 30-second spot in the Super Bowl, I want to look at how this kind of extreme business dealings [...]

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The Technique You Need for Wealth

Many of the questions I get asking about NLP relate to how to get more money in their lives. By far this is the biggest challenge I have seen others have all over the world. People want more money and they are trying to get it. Yet for the vast majority of the population they won’t [...]

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Just Get Started Online

Even if you have a day job, you should have ways of making extra income on top of that. An income is just like an investment and you should have multiple and they should be diversified. However, too many people are afraid of getting started and think you need a lot to get going making [...]

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What You Need to Get Unstuck Financially

One of the most pressing issues that people have is dealing with money. Whether this is getting out of debt, building more wealth, or starting their business, what I have seen most people have the most trouble with is relating well with money. Too many people find themselves stuck and not knowing how to get [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Go to College

It was 2011 and I was sitting in the office of one of the biggest CPAs in my medium-sized town. My grandfather helped arrange this meeting so that I could see where I was headed. The reason I was here had to of been that I knew somewhere deep down that I might have been [...]

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