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Shawn Schweier

I’m Shawn Schweier and I help others to get past their inner limitations to live the lives that they are after. I’m passionate about helping others quit smoking and have developed an innovative program to help others quit for good without using drugs.

How did you get where you are at:

I grew up with a lot of questions about life. From a family with a lot of problems and going through tremendous hardships myself, it was only through the darkest times that I found the answers and the light I was looking for.

At the age of 17 years old I had Obsessive Compulsive disorder, the actual disorder where you have to wash your hands three times in a row not the one that people like to joke about.

When I was 19 years older I lost the man I called my father to a heart attack because he couldn’t stop smoking. And most importantly, I went through a break up at age 21 that almost crushed me.

But through all this I found Neuro-linguistic programming and other life-changing technologies that completely set me on a positive path for success.

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Your greatest accomplishments:

After I fixed the broken pieces of my heart from my break up with hypnosis, I paid off all of my student loan debt and started traveling the world.

It was from this time that I built two hugely successful Meet Up groups based on Neuro-linguistic programming in Denver and Colorado Springs. Soon I took these trainings and worked with my clients remotely while traveling the world.

I gave a talk on mental health for digital nomads in Bali, Indonesia and I have taught others NLP, but my favorite accomplishment is being able to travel and give my gift to others.

What is your biggest goal:

I want to make this living remotely thing happen permanently. Traveling the world has only ignited a fire within me and what I find myself most passionate about is helping others in less developed countries.

For me, having a perpetually traveling lifestyle with a home base while helping the world, giving speeches and creating change in others is the best vision I have for my life.

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What do you have to offer the world?

My biggest hope is to offer the world greater consciousness and that people think about the actions and behaviors they are doing. I do this with Alter Shift and my other business Smoke Free Wellness.

There we inspire smokers who have been so for years to quit in 8 weeks or less. We have had some tremendous results and my hope is that hundreds of thousands of people will be able to give up smoking once and for all.

What was your Alter Shift (the change in your mind that changed everything for you):

Many of these have happened in my life, but the one that stands out most in my life was when I fought Obsessive Compulsive disorder. It was after I was rejected at the psychologist (because of my insurance) that I resolved to beat OCD all by myself.

It was hard as hell, but one day at a time I conquered this disorder and taught myself that I could do anything. An even more important lesson for me was that the majority of people will tell you that you can’t do something, they will put obstacles in your way, or they will oppose you, but if you are determined than you can do anything.

Where can we find more out about you?

Check out this website or my about page here. Also, I have Smoke Free Wellness where I am actively helping smokers to become non-smokers. You can also find Shawn on:





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