Shawn Featured on Thrive in Life Podcast

I’m very pleased to announce that I have been featured on the Thrive in Life Podcast with the wonderful Zaheen Nanji.

I really enjoyed doing this podcast with Zaheen and there is wealth of benefits that you can get for listening to the podcast on iTunes,  or watching the YouTube version. Specifically we go over the following topics:

-How I figured out that I was capable of much more at an early age. 

-How I cured someone with agoraphobia and debilitating social anxiety in one session. 

-We only have the present moment

  • Our problems are only in our past and in our future
  • When we place judgement upon the world or others, this limits us from connecting in relationships and life.
  • Coming from a place of acceptance rather than judgement then gives us a more empowering place to change

-You have the power over your life

  • While we can’t always control what happens in life, we can control how we show up and what actions we take going forward. This is a state of mind.
  • Having a vision of what you want for life and being unattached to how it happens can empower you to creating the life you want.
  • When you change your mind you change your life. Changing how you think about things can lead you to becoming the you who has what you want.

-Why you have to fail to win and how some of the most successful people in life have failed a ton. 

Through meeting with Zaheen, I learned she was a fighter and a winner. I would highly recommend that you check her site as well:


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