Proof That Cold Emailing Still Works

Proof That Cold Emailing Works

In talking with other small businesses, most just do not use cold emailing.

Sure, most of the email we get as business owners don’t get replied to and the sender never heard back from you, but what if you just needed one or two clients a month that you get on the phone to say that cold emailing works for your business?

After I had my web designer go rogue on me which I talked about in another post, I had an interesting idea to have a side project in selling websites.

The thought behind the project was that I will find the people who need websites and then I will sell one to them.

I know some code well enough to make a website, but it would probably take me forever so I will just give the task to one of my friends as mentioned before in the previous post. I sell the website and he builds it, a win-win for both of us.

How hard could selling a website be?

My first route of exploration was to do cold email. I know some techniques to find just about anyone’s email and if I can send out hundreds of emails a day, I only really need a few websites sold to make this successful.

There is plenty of email automation software out there today. The companies and the options will vary, but the basics is that you should have one that will schedule and send your emails, one that will send follow up emails (drips), and one that it will track it.

Prices range from this in what I have seen, anywhere from $20-80 a month. I have been happy with Mailshake who I use at $20 a month.

From there, you send out a bunch of emails. I interviewed some of the experts on cold email before I started, interviews that are available in the Alter Shift Mastermind Group. I used their information on the cold emailing process and got going.

This is what I found after about a month:

cold emailing

Note, that I was just starting out and testing a whole bunch of things. For example, I tried targeting many different industries with many different messages.

With more practice, this can be fine-tuned and my writing of these emails could get better. However a 40% open rate is something email marketers normally dream of. My rates for people already subscribed is about 20%.

The most important thing to note here is that these are 3 new leads. Many people look at the failure here, the 212 businesses that didn’t convert, but all you need is just a few to say yes I want to buy.

Not only that, I spent very little time doing this. Simply, I created three emails, uploaded a spreadsheet that had the business emails on them and then I scheduled it using Mailshake.

If you have a large offering that you charge at least a thousand dollars for (which I recommend) this is 3 new people that you can close the deal with for minimal time and effort spent into acquiring.

You can go as intensive and detailed as you want with this. Me, I wanted to understand the process, so I looked up all of these businesses and found all of their emails myself.

It’s possible to outsource this and even buy a list. You could literally spend an hour a week doing this! The choice is really up to you, but if you want just a few more clients a month then cold emailing is something to think about.

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