When You Feel Like You're Not Good Enough

When You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough

Likely you are unaware how common of a feeling this is for others, but I am here to tell you that so many people deal with feelings of being not good enough.

Often people look at what others have and see an illusion of them having more or being totally okay and fine with themselves. While this looks good and everything, this isn’t always their reality.

What is even more is that they are not even paying attention to whether you are good enough or not.

The truth is that it doesn’t even cross their mind.

In reality they are looking inwardly and having all those feelings of being not good enough, just as you are. They think that they are not enough or that they will never be able to do their dreams. Just like you they have these thoughts. When you it didn’t even cross your mind if they were good enough of not.

The question always comes, good enough for what?

What standard are you holding or are you setting some unreachable bar that you will never attain to? I ask you what are you trying to be good enough for? Might it just be more than enough to be good enough for you.

In a world full of judgment from others, connect with yourself. When judgment is absent it allows for connection. Through this connection I want you to get more in touch with you and come to an understanding of who you truly are.

When you are connected with yourself and you know who you are this comes the deep understanding that will empower you even more in life. From this place you are able to come at your goals and dreams with a new energy. You come to know yourself and life better where you much more able to connect with the world in deeper and more profound ways.

The opposite of judgment is connection. 

What is even more is that you will be able to connect with others better as well. By accepting yourself for who you are, this will allow you to be free from the judgments of others and this further allows you to connect with who you are which in turn allows you to see them with even clearer eyes. This leads you to seeing them without judgment.

When this judgment is absent in your connections with others it sets an increased standard for the relationship. By them not feeling judged by you, then they are more free to be themselves and open themselves up to you. This only allows for further acceptance and connection. This again leads to more connection.

As you see, letting this judgment of yourself go about being good enough or not is the most beneficial thing for you. In reality it doesn’t even matter and you can be your own worst critic living in life with thoughts full of judgment, or you can go live life in acceptance and connection.

When you live a connected life more people want to be around you. They want to connect with you more as you are connected with yourself. You also give them the opportunity for them to be who they are and this is one of the most amazing things about coming together with others.

Allow yourself to be who you really are and allow others to do the same. When you do so you will find that you were always good enough. There is no reason that you are not. You will also find that others will be just as good and you will be able to connect in deeper and in more inspiring ways.

If ever you are feeling that feeling of not being good enough accept you for who you are and you will find that others will as well. By doing so you give them the opportunity to connect with you as well.

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