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What’s NLP?

The mind-changing technology you can use to:

• Get out of your depression, cure your anxiety, and get over negative emotions.

•  Fix your relationship problems. Connect with your significant other deeper and save your relationship.

• Improve your business. Get out of your negative and limiting mindsets and prosper.

• Transform your health. Make losing weight a thing of ease rather than something you struggle with.

• Start your own business and coach others. After you’ve fixed your life, you might as well take that passion and help others to live a life of their dreams.

With these tools I’m about to show you, your life is never going to be the same…

alter shawn

Shawn Schweier

The founder of Alter Shift and mindset expert. He has spent years learning and teaching others to be masters of NLP and he does this with a compelling desire to give more to the world.

“Shawn is a glowing light that is destined to transform the world.” -Esmerelda, Shawn’s very first client

What We Do…

We have weekly interactive group trainings, that go deeper into change, communication, and transformation.

Check it out here…

NLP for those who don’t have time…

We know you’re busy and can’t make it to those 3-day seminars.

The days of going to a 3-day seminar life-transforming seminar have changed. Life moves faster and there are more demands from life. Whether this comes from family, increased work priorities, or just constant errands and day-to-day duties, life can be demanding.

This is why we took our NLP courses online.

But you aren’t going to find the watered-down videos of some guru telling you about some technique you need to try whenever you get around to it. Those are a dime-a-dozen on Udemy. No, our courses are for those who really want to improve their communication, solve their problems more effectively, and be able to become masters of influence.

We do this through practice and interactive group activities. This cannot be accomplished behind a computer screen being lectured to. Instead you get behind the screen and you put to practical application what you are learning.

In only a few weeks you will partner with a group of enthusiastic and non judgmental thought seekers to become master communicators. You will learn new ways to excel in your career, new ways to interact with your family and friends, and new ways to think about life, . It will be transformational for you.

Courses typically last 8 weeks through nightly trainings for more information check out the Introduction to NLP Course here:

What People Are Saying…

Real people who NLP has made a difference for.

“Shawn always does a great job with this mind-blowing stuff.”


“Very informative. Looking forward to every meeting I get the chance to attend!” 


“Excellent interaction with all the members, very interesting topic.” 


“Shawn is fantastic and his approach is easy for beginners to grasp from their first class. At the same time, the context is created such that those who are familiar with the concepts of NLP can grow. I am so happy I attended and will be back for more.”  


“This group has helped me grow, not only mentally, emotionally as well!”