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Most Wanted Posts:

While we will take guest posts on a variety of topics and many of your personal stories of change, based on our research these are the topics that our audience wants to read the most:

  • How to Save Your Marriage
  • Communication in marriage
  • Does Marriage Counseling Work
  • How to Fix Your Relationship
  • Life After Divorce
  • Why Divorce Could Be Good For You
  • How I Got Through an Emotional Breakdown
  • How I Helped Someone Through a Nervous Breakdown
  • Different Communication Types in a Relationship
  • Myers Briggs Test
  • Personality Types
  • What’s on My Bucket List
  • Why Traveling Can Heal Your Wounds
  • How to Lose Belly Fat
  • How to Lose Weight Fast
  • Walking for Weight Loss
  • How to Lose Weight After Being Pregnant
  • Advanced Communication Techniques
  • How to Convince Anyone of Anything
  • How to Talk Your Way Out of Arguments
  • How to Never Be Wrong
  • Successful Communication at Work
  • Leadership Skill and Communication
  • Relaxation Techniques for Stress
  • How To Reduce Stress Fast Naturally
  • How to Calm Anxiety
  • How to Stop Anxiety Thoughts
  • Overcome Social Anxiety and Shyness
  • How to Get Over Fears and Phobias
  • What is EMDR
  • How Does Hypnosis Work
  • Is EFT Tapping Effective
  • How to Start a Hypnosis Business
  • Guerilla Marketing for Coaches
  • Using UpWork to Hire a Virtual Assistant
  • How to Grow a Facebook Group/Community

If you have any stories other than the above, we still want to hear them. We are still especially interested in personal stories of change. However, our readers are most interested in the above topics. Writing a well-crafted post about one of these topics will give you the best chance of having your post accepted.

For further submission guidelines and to get your post submitted click here.

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