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Even if you have a day job, you should have ways of making extra income on top of that. An income is just like an investment and you should have multiple and they should be diversified.

However, too many people are afraid of getting started and think you need a lot to get going making money on the internet.

You really don’t.

A few months ago, I was talking with a man who does web design. In just talking about his business, I found out that he wanted more clients. Discussing this more with him, he told me that if I brought him any new clients that I could take have anything above $1,000. This meant that if I brought him someone I sold on a website for $2,000 then he would give me the excess $1,000!

These are the kind of deals and the win-wins that I like dealing with and as chance would have it, the next day I saw in a Facebook group where someone needed a new website. Immediately I reached out to him and had a new lead.

From there, all I had to do was set up a group chat on Facebook and the prospective client scheduled a phone call with my web designer. And the best part was that I told the guy who needed a website that it would cost $2,000!

You don’t need much to get started. All it really takes is an eye for opportunities and the ability to help others solve their problems. Obviously, not everyone has to go to college to solve others’ problems and for most this is the exact wrong way to go

There are people all around you that you could help provide value to. Online there are even more people with even more problems! Facebook groups are the new thing and where you can find many many people with common and similar problems in the same groups.

Take the first step, join, and interact with these people. From there, start writing and making posts in the group, on your own Facebook profile, or even a blog. The key to you making an income is going to be how much value that you can provide, so you might as well get going.

One of the other keys is to have these connections. There are tons and tons of web designers looking for clients.

As for this web designer and the client that I helped hook him up with, he tried to lower the price with the client and lower my cut as well. At first I was furious, but then I just realized there are plenty more web designers and plenty more people who need websites. Plus, I won’t be doing business with him any longer. Not only that, this deal fell through for him.

To start, you don’t have to find people who need websites or web designers. Life coaches need clients too. A lot of local businesses could benefit from Google Adwords or showing up on first in a Google search. Some people need content writers to help them write articles on their site. Some people need help managing their Facebook groups and some others want help handling all of their social media.

People all over the internet and throughout life have pain points and things that you can help them out with. You can first start by asking others questions, learning about their business, and then seeing how you can help them out.

When you can help them out and give them value then the money follows.

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