Is Guest Blogging a Waste of Time

Is Guest Blogging a Waste of Time?

Years ago when I hired a coach to really succeed in business online, one of the strategies he pushed hardest was guest posting on popular blogs.

The idea sounded great. The opportunity to put myself in front of many readers and to be shown as an important influencer sounded fantastic, yet the results were abysmal. Kind of like this coach (my bad).  

You can see all of the blog posts I have been featured on at the bottom of the screen. There has been a few more as well that I just haven’t posted or ones that I just don’t care to.

There have been other instances and reasons that I have found guest blogging to be an imposition on integrity, ones that I will probably go into on a later post, but I want to get into why blog posting is a waste of time and bad for your return on investment of time spent.

The idea behind guest posting worked years before.

Essentially what you do is write a well-crafted article of your best stuff and it is printed before a large blog that gets huge numbers in traffic. These eyes see your article, find your bio and then visit your site. From this, they are supposed to subscribe to your blog or download the freebie you give them for them giving you their email address.

However, too many people started doing this strategy. The article quality diminished significantly as did the freebies and everything else that went along in the process.

It’s a strategy now used by the masses instead of the few, something that I warn against in my free ebook the Wealth Equation, but what we need to know is if there is anything we can gain from guest blogging?

Recently, I thought it would be fun to see if anything has changed in a year since I have done a guest post. So I typed up a quick article and sent it off to Addicted 2 Success.

This article literally took me an hour to research, type up, and send off to the site:

In my research before writing the article about the Rothchild family, who the article is about, I found that the popular blog who has about a million visitors a month (IE. about 30,000 a day) has no articles about the Rothchild family even it is a specific blog that talks about building wealth and it hasn’t covered the richest family in the world’s history. 

Adding to these numbers I found that people are searching for the Rothchild family in the United States on Google to be about 100K – 1 million times a month (a significant amount).

Both of these two pieces of research implicates that this is a highly demanded article that people on the internet are looking for and a site that has no information on it. Sounds like a great opportunity to me!

Yet it wasn’t.

The post is still on the front page of the big blog. It received one comment, even though the publishers posted it on a Saturday night and they also removed the word Rothchild from the title which has to be bad for SEO purposes and people finding it through searching.

As of today, two days after the article was published I have received no new traffic on my site from the popular blog. In conclusion to this test, guest posting is a waste of my time.

To be fair, there are more reasons to guest blog other than referral traffic, one for instance being to rank higher for SEO purposes, but it makes more sense just to outsource those to SEO experts who are better at those things.

In fact, this comprehensive article talks more about that as well as how guest blogging is a waste of time:

Notice how it measures actual case studies and tangible results. Often if you look on the internet you will find misleading articles telling you how good something is for your business (guest blogging) and how you should do it. An example of this follows:

In the second article he does have a case study, which I always look for this now in any kind of advice I take on the internet (so many misleading people!). However, this case study if you think about it actually proves that guest blogging actually wasn’t worth the time.

Specifically, the website owner states that guest blogging increased traffic to his site by 20%. This is terribly misleading as the website was just getting started. When a website first starts there is almost no traffic. Okay, so you had 10 visitors a day before guest blogging (300 a month) and now you have 12 visitors a day (or 360 a month), a 20% increase. This is example is even high traffic for a beginning website to start out with.

With all this in mind guest blogging is a terrible strategy for getting more people to your site, to create a following, and even to build an email list.

The blogger jet article I linked to suggested getting traffic to your site with Facebook ads at 10 cents per click which would make their 56 clicks they demoed worth $6. This seems much smarter. Yet, I have more strategies with trainings I cover in the Alter Shift Mastermind Group

A guest post can be beneficial for building credibility and SEO purposes. If you are just starting out, go ahead and guest post so that you can get you a nice little credibility badge so that people will think you know what you are talking about.

For SEO, you can improve your standings through guest posting as Google will find your site more legitimate. This is good.

In summary, don’t think of guest posting as a way to get more traffic to your site, to build an email list, or to get new clients. Just don’t. For this, guest posting is a complete waste of time.

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