How To Relate With Others Energy

How To Relate With Others’ Energy

Have you ever noticed how it feels as though you are attracting a certain type of person in your life?

While also I am sure you have had the feeling of drifting away from others and having people who once meant a great deal to you move out of your life more and more.

I like to think of this concept as vibrational energies. It reminds me of a tuning fork that someone would use to tune a musical instrument such as a piano or a guitar. When energy from the tuning fork is emitted near the string or the musical note, the instrument is inspired to meet that tuning fork at its level of energy.

The same is true for people. It is often said that you are the average of your five closest friends. I have seen this to be true over and over in life that who you hang out with is who you become.

Notice the energy all around us and recognize this in your own life because this is going to have a few applications going forward.

When you are on your path and headed towards a new frequency of energy, others and you are going to have choices to make about your relationships. In any system there are going one of three things that has to happen so that the energy can vibrate at a similar rate and the relationship can maintain itself.

These three are:

  1. The energy from the lower part is going to bring the higher energy down to its level. This happens because the energy from the lower part is more powerful and causes a drain on the higher energy. When this happens the original higher energy has the potential to bring the lower energy up with it, if it’s not too heavy (this is how and why coaching works).
  2. The energy from the one part will inspire the lower energy to raise up and meet it up at this higher energy’s level. This is when your friends see you doing some amazing things with your life and it inspires them to push and challenge themselves to do some amazing things as well.
  3. The energies can separate and no longer be in a relationship. Since the energies are at such different levels, they have no choice but to not relate together and find new energies to merge with. This isn’t bad or good, just how it works. This is often how a break up works. The two just drift apart until there is little or no relation.

Now let’s apply this to some specific situations.

When you have a group of friends that has been together for years, but one friend finds that he wants to be more in his life. This many friends is going to be hard to bring up to a new level of energy, but if this guy is showing results in his life and really vibrating at a high rate he has the potential to bring them up with him.

You attract new people into your life. I have noticed this with myself. Since I started this business track that I am on, I have drifted away from old friends that are stagnant and have naturally attracted people who are highly successful into my life more and more. Some of my best relationships now are with these entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses because we align so well at this moment.

Who you are dating becomes no longer right for you. At one point in time you had attracted them into your life and you likely vibed really well together, but since then time has passed and the two parts have changed. Maybe he doesn’t seem as motivated as he used to be and you are really making moves in your career. You have the choice of maintaining this relationship with the energy as described before or you can move on and attract new energy.

Most of the lottery winners become totally broke in just a few years. This is because somehow they attracted this large amount of money into their lives, but they didn’t really change their BEING. They didn’t change their vibrational frequency and over time they fell back into the level of energy that they were most comfortable with. Having the same friends and levels of thinking as before only brought them back to where they really were.

Consider that the whole world, the whole universe, might just be made up of energy, that we are attracting and detracting things in our lives every day. When you can think of the world in this way, you can attract more things in your life by BEING more and raising your vibrational frequency.

This is why it’s so beneficial to hire a coach. Most people already know what they should be doing, but what the coach does more than anything is usually he gives the person an experience of what it is like to take their life to a new level of energy. With this comes new thoughts, ideas, and actions.

Notice the energy around you, what you attracting and what you are attracted to in your life. It might be worth asking the question, “Is this what I really want for my life?” And another more important question, “Are these things I am attracting really worthy of me and the potential I could bring to my life?”

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