how to quit drifting in your life

How to Quit Drifting in Your Life

Have you ever felt like you were going nowhere in your life?

Sometimes we go through our lives and it feels like a year, 5 years, or even more time has passed without anything really happening. Then we look back and ask ourselves, where did my life go?

In life, people tend to get complacent. Life becomes something that is habitual and comfortable, but what becomes most uncomfortable in a person’s life is knowing that life has passed them by when they could have done more, been more, and lived more.

What is stopping you from living more?

Maybe it just happened that you started drifting and time went by before you knew it, but the good news is that you can always get back on track to living the life you are capable of. You can always stop drifting.

Here are four ways how to quit drifting in your life:

1.) Wake up and live life for now

Time is running out. The one resource in life that is limited is our time. Recognize that if you have been drifting that you have been missing out on life, but you are here now with the awareness that you want your life to be more. Imagine what living in the same way as you have been, would mean for your life years down the road. If it doesn’t make you happy then it is time to wake up and realize you want more from life.

Do something drastic to break out of your shell of complacency and realize that you are here living your life. Go skydiving, scuba diving, or for a vacation. Go help out at a homeless shelter or read books to kids at a children’s hospital. Break yourself out of the continual pattern that you have been stuck in. This could require changing jobs or even moving residences. Always make sure you take care of yourself, but also make a jump for your future.

2.) Set up a compelling future

If you don’t have something inspiring to live for, then it can be easy to move your life into the slow lane of monotony. Here your life can just drift away right in front of you if you have nothing to look forward to or nothing motivating you to go forward. With clear focus and direction it is remarkable what you are capable of. The truth is that we were are created as a miracle, so there has to be something significant in you.

Start dreaming. Anyone that ever did anything always first started from a dream. You don’t need to know how you are going to get to where you want to go, you just have to be able to imagine being getting there. When you give yourself a compelling future, you give yourself a reason to live passionately. It’s hard to drift when you find yourself moving towards the life you have imagined.

3.) Have progress reports for your life

The power to check up on yourself and make sure that you are on your way is absolutely immense. At any time in your life, you have the power and the ability to stop everything and ask yourself, “How am I doing?”. This can be challenging, but it is the exact same thing as taking a moment to look at the GPS in your car in order to get the assurance that you are headed in the right direction toward your destination.

To get the most out of having progress reports you must be honest with yourself and face the tough questions such as, “Can I be and do more?” And “Am I headed to really live the life I want? Why or why not?” These honest questions require the most honest answers. This is often the hardest part, but with enough self-reflection it becomes easier to know yourself and face those difficult questions.

I suggest having yearly, monthly, or even weekly progress reports where you can check on your progress in life. These progress reports will show you whether you are drifting or headed towards the life of your dreams.

4.) Find an accountability partner or group

An accountability partner or group can push and motivate you to become an even better version of yourself. Other people who you focus on success with will hold you accountable to your goals and will push you to do even more than what you think is even possible. Joining a mastermind might be the best thing you ever do. We have our own one, see the Mastermind Group.

The one thing that will empower you the most in your life is finding the right people to surround yourself with. Put yourself in a winning environment and tell others what you hope to accomplish. They will support you and motivate you to go forward and to stop drifting. If you are in an environment with winners, then you will find yourself becoming a winner. Having an accountability can be accomplished easily if you just put yourself out there and ask.

Can you wake yourself up, set a future that you are passionate about, keep track of your progress and join a mastermind of people who will stand by your side and fight for your success?

Quit drifting in your life. You were made a miracle to live a life that you can be passionate about.

So what is compelling you to lead a meaningful life?

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