how to get featured on podcasts

How to Get Featured on Podcasts

Okay so you have your online business all set up and you really want to get going. Whether you have some success online or not, what I am about to show you isn’t too hard and anyone who can help bring change to their clients or who has an interesting story to tell can get featured on a podcast.

Two years ago I was new to the online space. I had a local Meet Up group and several clients I worked with, but other than that I was a complete unknown online.

My site traffic was miniscule. Hardly anyone was on my email list.

I reasoned that I had to get creative with my marketing. I didn’t really want to spend a ton of money on advertising so that was a non-starter for me. Blogging had been great, but I knew there was something more I could do.

I have always liked to speak and that led me to thinking about podcasts.

Sure I could create a podcast. I could learn how to launch my podcast and see if it was going to be a success, but this didn’t feel right for me.

There were plenty of guides on how to do a podcast. They would show you how to launch it and how to easily upload your podcast to iTunes, but I knew this was out of the question. It’s just too much work to really get these going. 

I knew that podcasts were becoming super popular and it would benefit me to take advantage of it and then I finally thought of the strategy that I would use. I could get featured on others’ podcasts and this would increase my following, grow my email list, and show others that I am worth listening to say while having something to say that is going to help them with their lives.

But how was I going to do this?

Remember, I didn’t have much of a following and hardly any traffic at my site during this time. Why would a podcaster want me?

However, what I soon learned is that podcasters are always looking for new and interesting guests to bring on their shows. They are looking to grow their following and have fun while doing so.

So what I did was made a spreadsheet and I started cold emailing the podcast hosts pitching myself and what I had to offer.

Here was my spreadsheet:

how to get featured on podcasts

It wasn’t much and even my pitches were probably not that good at first, but I started to get better at pitching and soon I got invited onto a few podcasts.

From there my notoriety grew and more people started visiting my site. I got more email signups and more strategy calls. This was fantastic and people started coming out of nowhere finding me and requesting my services and giving me more opportunities.

Let me break down exactly how I went about getting featured on podcasts and show you the real numbers:

  1. Decided what I was good at and what might interest other people.
  2. From there I searched for podcasts using Google and podcast charts. iTunes Podcasts directory was also super help for this. I was looking for shows that would make sense to have me on with my skillset and experiences.  For example, a hypnosis podcast was an easy match to talk NLP with them. Or another example was the I Do Podcast that had me on to talk about how you could use NLP to better communicate in a marriage.
  3. After this I found the podcast host and find their email (we don’t have the time here to go into how to find anyone’s email, but if you are determined you can find a way to get a hold of anyone). Listen to some of their podcast if you can, this way you don’t sound like a dork when you email them with something that they would have no interest in.
  4. Email the podcast host and appeal to how you can help them have a fantastic show. Some podcast hosts are just interested in how much traffic you can bring to grow their show and following. However, many more podcast hosts are amazing people (I know I met them) who want to have awesome conversations with people that will really benefit their audience.

Here are my stats from my emailing podcasts:

how to get featured on podcasts

I found these numbers to be pretty good. I would email about 10 podcasters every morning and I just kept doing this as a habit.

Many of the podcasters I contacted had told me to check back in a few months. Some were flat out rejections. Some wanted me to have a bigger audience than I did. Lewis Howes was one of these, but he was super nice and encouraging about it. Other podcasts had even cancelled their podcasts after our recording or did a total rebrand and cancelled the podcast that we recorded weeks earlier. Sometimes unexpected things just happened. 

To get on the podcast your email is key here. You must be a good communicator and show that you truly believe you have something worthwhile to offer.

I never talked from a script on my email pitches to podcasters. I would always retype every email without copying and pasting. I was real and I believed that I could contribute to their show and in doing so they did as well. On just about all the podcasts the hosts were fantastic and we had a great time. In addition it grew my following and has helped me to gain more fans all over the world.

If you are interested in getting on a podcast you can go and make it happen.

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