What You Need to Get Unstuck Financially

What You Need to Get Unstuck Financially

One of the most pressing issues that people have is dealing with money. Whether this is getting out of debt, building more wealth, or starting their business, what I have seen most people have the most trouble with is relating well with money.

Too many people find themselves stuck and not knowing how to get more money. Too many people find themselves living paycheck to paycheck. Yet, there is a very small percentage of people who are doing amazing financially.

What are they doing?

There is no secret that a very small part of the world’s population own a vast majority of the world’s wealth. This is something I talk about more in one of my free ebooks The Wealth Equation, but what you need to know is that you can develop some of these similar strategies as the wealthy.

But, before we get to how to acquire more wealth, I want to cover some things that could be blocking you from wealth right now. Often, people have limiting beliefs when it comes to money. Whether this is that they don’t feel they deserve money, that they subconsciously think that the wealthy are evil, or it could be that they won’t be loved if they get money, these beliefs and there are more, can all be transformed.

We can change these limiting beliefs using Neuro-Linguistic programming or other techniques. In fact, I had to change mine using both NLP and hypnosis. Before, I subconsciously believed it was pointless for me to have wealth because of a previous experience I had with my father where he just threw his bills away and said that there was no point in paying them.

This was something that deeply affected me, but as soon as I found this and found out that I could learn something different from the experience, I was able to let this limiting belief go. Soon after, I got out of debt and saved up a ton of money to go traveling.

But once you get past your limiting beliefs there is something important you need to know about money. Money comes to those who provide value. Those who provide the most amount of value in life are generally rewarded with more money.

It’s important to know that your idea of value doesn’t really matter. It matters who is on the other end of your value exchange and who is receiving value from you. It could be the case where you believe your life coaching is worth thousands of dollars, however the other person only thinks it is worth a dollar. Value is in the eye of the beholder.

With that being said and knowing that acquiring wealth means that you are giving value, we can aim to give the most value to the most people that we are can. This is what the high earners find ways to do.

For example, Facebook is scaled so that it provides value to others all over the world and hundreds of millions of people. It’s no wonder that Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire. Contrast this with working at a call center job.

You can take tons of calls everyday and provide each person with a solution. This is valuable for the people you help and you. This allows you to earn an income. However, the person running the company and who has hundreds of employees just like you is not only providing value to the customers you served, but also everyone else they have sold to.

When you are thinking of those who are wealthy try not to be envious, but instead look to see how many lives they are positively contributing to and then find a way for you to do the same. While not all of us are going to create the next Facebook, we can certainly aim to do more and serve more people at a higher level.

As an additional note, there is a difference in people who you can serve. I am all for helping the less fortunate and will do so happily for charity. However, offering my limited time to change the lives of those less fortunate compared to serving those at the highest levels is not advantageous to me providing the most value that I can. 

It is different when I help the CEO of a fortune 500 company. The change that he makes will be pervasive within his company, among his employees, and to his customers that his organization serves. The point in this is to serve those who you can make the most impact with in life, but who also will have that value impact others as well. 

Know that we all have our limiting beliefs and you can get past them with NLP. Not only that, you can come to a place of wealth by providing more value to more people. The more value you provide, the more wealthy you will be, so choose carefully.

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