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From Shawn Schweier-

Want four FREE eBooks on wealth, business, and personal development?

All you need to do is put your email address into the form right here and they’re yours. I will never give your email to anyone else.

Why am I giving away all these eBooks? These eBooks are an introductory to working with me. For all of my clients, the key is to opening up their mind and having them be able to think differently.

But we don’t need to worry about that right now. The eBooks are my gift to you whether or not you choose to work with me or not. You can put your email address in the form below, get your free eBooks, and never do anything else. Totally fine. It’s only for those who are serious about improving their lives. (More on that on the next page after you click the submit button below.)

What are the four eBooks you’ll receive for free right now?

Book 1: Get Out of Debt Guide

This eBook lays out step-by-step how I teach others to get out of debt. It shows you exactly how you can get out of debt the quickest, where you need to spend your money, and how to save money. This eBook is the plan for getting out of debt in 2 years or less.

I have never revealed exactly how I do this, but now I am. It’s all in this eBook.

Book 2: The Wealth Equation

The next eBook you get is something I wrote to answer the biggest question people give me about acquiring wealth. It’s called The Wealth Equation.   

This eBook is controversial and goes against a lot of stuff the gurus teach.

It will explain why giving more people more value is not the key to acquiring wealth. It will show you how there are many myths about money mindsets that make it easier to sell you, but harder for you to obtain real wealth yourself. Finally, you will learn how to utilize this equation so that you can build great wealth.

The simple keys presented in this eBook will change how you think about acquiring wealth. With this eBook at your fingertips you’ll never need to worry about why you are not acquiring wealth again. It’s yours, FREE.

Book 3: Keys to Conversational Hypnosis

Third, you get the Keys to Conversational Hypnosis. With this eBook, you will be able to read it and be proficient at conversational hypnosis within only a couple of days.   

Included in the eBook are scripts that you can use and guidelines that you can follow to create your own conversational hypnosis patterns. There are plenty of examples and you will understand conversational hypnosis easily. It’s yours, FREE.

Book 4: Have a Super Memory

Lastly, you get the Have a Super Memory eBook. Included in this ebook is all the memory techniques you need to improve your memory. You will find how to remember your grocery list, phone numbers, people’s names and much more here.    

These are memory tips and tricks that you can easily learn and with a little big of practice you will be able to have an advanced super memory. Last, but not least it’s yours, FREE.

It’s All Yours – FREE

You get all four eBooks for FREE, just by entering your email in the form below. After that you’ll get an email with eBooks attached.  And you’ll get more detail on working with me through Breakthrough Mastery and what it includes.

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