doing something with your life is the hard part

Doing Something with Your Life is the Hard Part

Recently, the vast majority of time and energy of most people has been spent wasted. I have seen posts on social media of fear, worry, and propaganda of all such things that may or may not have happened.

It is easy to perpetuate these thoughts and ideas. While there may be some concern in the world, it does very little to complain or spread fear about them.

The same is true for your life.

Life looks beautiful when we have a vision for our destiny. We can do this from a place of comfort and imagine just the world that we would like to have. We can also think that we know what is best for the world as well.

But when it comes to actually creating this life or reality is where the real challenge occurs.

People say that they are going to lose weight. They say that they can’t wait to travel around the world. Some say that they are going to become financially independent. Even still others say that they are going to start a business to help other people. These same people also say they are going to create a happy and lasting relationship.

These are amazing ideas and dreams. I have nothing but love and support for all of these thoughts. However they are just that, thoughts.

Your dreams, aspirations, and goals will mean very little unless you actually do something about them. My business mentor says that ideas are cheap, but putting them into action is where the real value is. In fact someone famous even said:

“To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed.” -Steve Jobs

You can talk about how things should be in society, but making an impact on such things is much harder. It’s easier to not vote and then complain. What is really hard to do is to take action and campaign for change. Ask the political candidates.

There is a reason though that you, I, and anyone else wants the comfort and not the action. 

If we actually put in the work towards our desired outcome then we will have to confront that beautiful image we had in our minds about how life was going to be. That amazing business idea is always going to look differently when it is put into action. Losing 10 pounds sounds really easy until you have to actually do it. Finding the person of your dreams entails talking to new people and opening up your mind to new perspectives. Being financially free actually means you have to tell yourself no to things that you can’t afford.

All that sounds like a lot of work. Who wants to do that?

Often in business the marketers of today will tell you how they spend four hours a week making their business tick. While maybe some people have that going for them, that is an easy idea with easy action. Thus it’s also so appealing! The truth of the matter is that for the vast majority of businesses it is going to take much more than that.

You have to accost that comfortable image of your dream with reality. 

To win in life and to bring those ideas you hold to fruition, you are going to have to confront a myriad of uncomfortable situations. Likely you will also face failure, despair, and devastation.

However when you start to take action you can make those dreams come true. It will take some persistence and it will never look how you envisioned it. You can run a business on a laptop from a foreign country. You can become fit and healthy. You can create amazing relationships. You can become financially independent and wealthy.

This is where growth, challenge, and realizing your destiny comes into play, but you can never do these things by just talking about them. This is where you fail. This is where your mental energy is expended on things unsuitable for your success.

Becoming the person you want, living the life of your dreams, and following your calling are not going to be easy.

But posting on social media is. Talking about your dreams is. Imagining the changes you can make in your life is. Working on your inner game of life is. These things are nice and comfortable. They make us feel good because we are in control.

However putting these words into action is the challenging part. This requires you to put yourself and your ideas on the line.

You will have to risk your perfect idea being destroyed by the outside world.

When you have the choice of facing the task of challenging your mind, observe that this is just an idea of how things are going to be. This is only a creation of your mind. It is little more than an illusion that you attach meaning to. It is nothing more than a fantasy. A dream that you have the opportunity to bring to life, only through action.

Practice the challenging art of putting your money where your mouth is.

Put your opinions away, put your head down, and create something. Notice that what spreads isn’t always what is valuable. Focus on positivity and prosperity. Make your life a masterpiece. It is only you that has the power to do so.

The choice is yours.

You can talk about living the life of your dreams or you can actually do it.

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