3 Keys to Conversational Hypnosis

3 Keys to Using Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis is easier than you think.

Using your words to influence others is a great skill to have. Through our words we can build deeper rapport, become closer with others, and have them follow our lead.

Likely they will even like you more!

There are 3 forms of hypnotic linkage that you can include in your conversations to become more hypnotic. These 3 forms will help you build these connections with others and take your conversations deeper.

What is important to know is that you are not manipulating others by using these techniques. Rather these are best done when you are in connection with the other person. When the two of you have incredible rapport and they just want to connect more with you is when this hypnotic techniques are most effective.

The following are the 3 keys:

1.) X and Y – weakest. Uses the word and. 

  • “You are listening to the sound of my voice, and you can begin to relax.”

2.) As X, Y – Uses the words as, when, during and while.

  • As you sit there smiling, you can become more comfortable.”

3.) X causes Y – Strongest, states causality. Uses the words makes, causes, forces, and requires.

  • “The nodding of your head will make you relax more completely.”

The concepts here work with the ideas of pacing and leading. What you want to do is pace this other person’s current experience. Anything that they will agree and affirm is going on you can use to build this connection with them.

“You are reading this now and understanding more fully how to connect deeper with others.”

When you have this connection with them you can build it to be stronger by affirming more of their current experience. When you do this they come to see that you understand them and their experience. From this point you can make suggestions and they can go with you into new experiences that you create.

“Reading these words and paying attention can allow you to focus more intensely. As you are considering these words, they might even mean more for you now, as this causes you to understand better.”

The three forms of linkage are included in this order because you will generally need deeper levels of rapport for #3 compared to #1. For example you may be able to meet someone you just met and use the word “and” to connect really well with someone, but to tell this person that you just met that, “Listening to me makes you feel even closer to me now.” likely you will face resistance and objection to this.

The key is to know where they are at and build a deeper and more connected relationship. Link your words hypnotically using “and”, then go deeper with them and describe their experience using “as”. Once you feel they are with you there, use the word “cause” to have them connect deeper with you, become more relaxed, or feel more comfortable with you.

“Being with me here now and allowing yourself to see these connections as you considering just how useful this skill could be will cause you to become even more skillful at communicating with others.”

Use what you know about the person’s current experience to connect deeper with them. If they are sitting in a chair use what you know about what they are going through:

As you are there looking at me sitting in that chair, feeling it underneath you, you can allow yourself to relax even more now.”

Go and incorporate these techniques in your conversations. It is easy to use and you will see others connecting with you even deeper immediately. These skills will take practice to allow you to sound really smooth and natural, but having the ability to connect with others and have them come with you can be incredible.

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