Define Very Clearly What You Want

A problem that troubles the vast majority of people is not being able to define what they want. Probably the biggest mistake that people make with their lives, communication, or any other aspect of their daily existence is an inability to point to specifically what they want. Sure these people have goal setting sessions and [...]

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What is Fear?

One of the most common emotions people want to get away from is fear. However, as we saw before, fear is just an emotion, and all of our emotions are intended for our own best interest. This fear is actually a good thing. Whether you are fearful of not having enough money, of how people [...]

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Doing Something with Your Life is the Hard Part

Recently, the vast majority of time and energy of most people has been spent wasted. I have seen posts on social media of fear, worry, and propaganda of all such things that may or may not have happened. It is easy to perpetuate these thoughts and ideas. While there may be some concern in the [...]

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Your Success or Failure is Dependent Only on You

People are freaking out. An election just happened and it didn’t go the way that a large many wanted it to. For some reason, now they are speaking up and making their voices heard, but they are also spreading a fear and delusion that this one event and this one person is going to mean [...]

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The Power of Perspective

New points of view can mean the world to your change and growth. Recently I have been doing some traveling and it has never been more clear to me just how valuable dissenting opinions and differences can be. Most people move away from anyone that is different from them. They avoid challenges to their current [...]

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Shawn Featured on Thrive in Life Podcast

I'm very pleased to announce that I have been featured on the Thrive in Life Podcast with the wonderful Zaheen Nanji. I really enjoyed doing this podcast with Zaheen and there is wealth of benefits that you can get for listening to the podcast on iTunes,  or watching the YouTube version. Specifically we go over the [...]

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6 Books That Will Change How You Think About Life

Very few books will come along in your life that will make you question what you are doing in life. What I have learned is that sometimes it’s not so much important to learn all the new things that you can, but rather to challenge the learning’s that you already have. These are books that [...]

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Shawn Featured on Addicted 2 Success

6 Steps to Uncover Your Inner Greatness By: Shawn Schweier Have you ever wondered how another highly successful person can help you channel your inner greatness to phenomenal success? Do you want to get more in touch with your own inner greatness? Everyday and all over the world people are doing amazing things. There are [...]

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The One Mindset You Need To Change Your Life

Have you ever felt that life is just happening to you? Some people believe that they have no control over life, that no matter what they do, life will just happen to them. This thinking usually comes from events in life that has made a person feel out of control. Whether this is a tragedy [...]

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