Define Very Clearly What You Want

A problem that troubles the vast majority of people is not being able to define what they want. Probably the biggest mistake that people make with their lives, communication, or any other aspect of their daily existence is an inability to point to specifically what they want. Sure these people have goal setting sessions and [...]

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How to Quit Drifting in Your Life

Have you ever felt like you were going nowhere in your life? Sometimes we go through our lives and it feels like a year, 5 years, or even more time has passed without anything really happening. Then we look back and ask ourselves, where did my life go? In life, people tend to get complacent. [...]

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SMART Goals for 2017

There is a ton of talk about goals for the new year, have you set your new year’s resolutions yet? Some people have goals that never get achieved. Every year they come back to the new year with the hope that things will be different or that they will live the life they really want [...]

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