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International Public Speaker Shawn Schweier

“After speaking in a large group of digital nomads and entrepreneurs in Bali, this is something I knew that I had to keep doing.”

Why I Speak

shawn schweierI am most interested in impacting the largest amount of change and new reflection among the ideas that I present to a group. I started out speaking to groups of 10-20 people every week discussing change and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

From there I only pushed myself further, stepping up to an international stage of entrepreneurs. The most amazing part is when you communicate a new idea and your audience has to consider it in a way that will profoundly impact them.

It is the biggest challenge and something that energizes me and brings me to life anytime that I set to take on the stage.

What Speaking Will Do For Your Organization

Shawn doesn’t have a one speech fits all approach. He customizes his talks in order to give the most value to the most listeners. He isn’t interested in structured speeches and opts instead to engage the audience in playful discussions about their beliefs to challenge them into new perspectives.

Shawn has spoken on the following topics:

  • Personal Development
  • Financial Success
  • Mindset Health for Traveling Entrepreneurs

Talks with Shawn have been said to increase personal awareness, help others see past their limiting beliefs, and even inspire others into new life directions.

For further inquiries on Shawn’s availability for public speaking or to book him, please email his assistant Tealy at Be sure to include speaking in the email title.