Your Introductory 8-Week NLP Course

From Shawn Schweier-  

If you would like to increase your income and grow in your personal development, grow in your relationships and your communication skills, with hands-on practice and live trainings available nowhere else, the Alter Shift Yellow Belt Training (YBT) is for you.  

For an incredible amount of training and practice, you will learn and actually get good at NLP, instead of just learning the concepts and having the same quality of life. 

The Yellow Belt Training will show you the exact basics of NLP and how you can actually apply them in real life. In the program, you will:  

  • Learn the basic presuppositions of NLP and practice them with others. 
  • Cover representational systems and their language words (seeing, hearing, touching)
  • Learn and practice hypnotic language
  • Learn EFT - Emotional Freedom technique
  • Go over timeline techniques and practice
  • Learn anchoring and how to create successful relationships
  • Learn different models of coaching and communicating 

How Does It Work?

The YBT Class is an 8-Week Beginner NLP program. You start where a current class is at and have one group training for 8 weeks along with two practice sessions with a group member. You will cover all the topics above so that you can pass for your yellow belt certifcation. Multiple classes are ongoing so you can pick out of the best class times that will work for you. Your practice sessions will be scheduled between you and your partner. In addition to all of this, you will receive NLP concept videos giving you more information on Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  

All content in the ASMG is focused on three different areas:

  • Information acquisition - these are the video courses and knowledge obtained
  • Applicable practice - this is the group classes where you will be challenged to apply these concepts to real life. This isn't just NLP theory anymore. 
  • Skill acquisition - this is where you get infront of someone and use your techniques effectively  

As a YBT Class member, you will improve all three of those areas, all at the same time. It's imperative that you improve in all three, so that not only do you know what NLP is, but you know how to actually use it. There's really nothing else like this begginer NLP class anywhere on the internet.

Who Is The Program For?

The YBT Class is specifically designed for English-speaking men and women over the age of 23 or so (though you can be as young as 18 to join), located anywhere in the world, from any country or culture. Ideally, you want to improve your communication skills, your ability to change yourself, and you might even want to help others, though this isn’t mandatory. You are a thinker who takes action. You should be motivated to increase your income, grow in your personal development, and/or your results with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel the program whenever I want?  

Nope. It is an 8 week course and training program. 

Is there a refund policy?  

There are no refunds. 

Will I be able to work with clients after I graduate? 

Absolutely, we encourage you to work with clients while you are in the class. However, most of what we will learn is basic, you will still be pushed to work with others as skillful as is possible for you, generally under supervision. 

I’d like to join but I’m concerned about my privacy.  

100% of the content and communication in the YPT class is behind a private, password-protected paywall. Nothing there is indexed by Google or any other search engine, including our training. I will never reveal anything you tell me in any coaching, to anyone, even to other YBT Class members, unless you wish me to. I am also happy to sign an NDA if you wish. With that being said, NLP can be somewhat personal and we are committed to having the safest place to learn and grow from each other possible. 

Will I get a certification?  

If you really want one I will print it out for you and send it to your employer. 

Will my certification do me any good? 

Just like all other NLP certifications, probably not. If you are looking for someone else to validate you, there are courses on NLP all over the net that can do that. This is the course you take to become skillful. 


For the Yellow Belt Training Class, you are getting:  

A Weekly Group Training Session - Once a week, you will train with other students of NLP on the basics of the art. You will learn together in a community atmosphere that will challenge you to grow in the practical and non-practical aspects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Two Intense Practice Sessions - Usually once every four weeks, you will work with Shawn and a partner in a one-on-one session to practice and grow your NLP skills. This is where we learn and grow together even more. 

NLP Video Course - As part of the course, you will get videos on the basics of NLP sent to you. These videos are informative and will help you get a good grasp on the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

More Practices Sessions - As an added bonus you will get the opportunity to set more practice times with your fellow students from the training class. 

Continuing Education - NLP is a continuing art where skill grows with practice. You will get special deals on future NLP training courses, including Orange Belt Training. 

All of this for $799 paid upfront or 2 payments of $499. 

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