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What’s NLP?

The mind-changing technology you can use to:

• Get out of your depression, cure your anxiety, and get over negative emotions.

•  Fix your relationship problems. Connect with your significant other deeper and save your relationship.

• Improve your business. Get out of your negative and limiting mindsets and prosper.

• Transform your health. Make losing weight a thing of ease rather than something you struggle with.

• Start your own business and coach others. After you’ve fixed your life, you might as well take that passion and help others to live a life of their dreams.

With these tools I’m about to show you, your life is never going to be the same…

alter shawn

Shawn Schweier

The founder of Alter Shift and mindset expert. He has spent years learning and teaching others to be masters of NLP and he does this with a compelling desire to give more to the world.

“Shawn is a glowing light that is destined to transform the world.” -Esmerelda, Shawn’s very first client

What We Do…

We have weekly interactive group trainings, that go deeper into change, communication, and transformation.

Check it out here…

NLP as a black belt academy…

Most companies are still teaching NLP just as if it were the 1980s.

The world has evolved and while people will always fundamentally work the same, the applications, the contexts, and the interpretations of communication will always change.

In short, communication is everything, and NLP allows you to communicate with yourself better, with others, and to move through the world asking for what you want and the world being a compliant provider of whatever you need.

Current NLP trainings are disgraceful for what the depths at which Neuro-Linguistic Programming could take a person. People are completing a 4-day certification training course and they just aren’t any good. Master practitioners spend thousands of dollars for their training and they suck. The certifications are almost useless and the trainers and teachers of the art are either fat, poor, or they have more problems than the people that you will be working with.

I have seen this too much in my training of others. So it’s time for a change.

Here at Alter Shift, NLP is not something that you just do for a weekend and now suddenly you have all the skills necessary. It’s not something that you go and pay tens of thousands of dollars so that you can go get a certification from a sketchy “institute” for the purpose of having some credential that no one cares about. Most importantly, it’s not a skill you learn from someone whose life sucks and it’s not a skill you learn that doesn’t improve your own life dramatically.

Whether it is a scalable model, or one that makes tons of money like those other big NLP companies, I am for the art. NLP changed my life, and it has the power to change yours as well. This is why we have smaller ongoing trainings that kick the shit out of other big trainings. Our mission is to actually teach people how to use NLP in the real world.

alter shift belts

In any art form there are levels of mastery…

To be a practitioner of NLP just isn’t good enough. Maybe your mom will think it’s a great achievement, but if you have found NLP it’s because you think it will actually benefit you and your life.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be the next life coach or change worker by learning NLP as so many have.

Instead it means that you are looking to get real results in your life. Learning NLP and learning it well is the best way to do it. This is why we have a progression of mastery here at Alter Shift. There is no reason NLP is any different from the martial arts in your ability to level up.

Start now as a white belt and earn your yellow belt through weekly training. In our beginner’s course we have the basics of NLP broken down in an 8-Week course where you will earn your yellow belt.

What People Are Saying…

Real people who NLP has made a difference for.

“Shawn always does a great job with this mind-blowing stuff.”


“Very informative. Looking forward to every meeting I get the chance to attend!” 


“Excellent interaction with all the members, very interesting topic.” 


“Shawn is fantastic and his approach is easy for beginners to grasp from their first class. At the same time, the context is created such that those who are familiar with the concepts of NLP can grow. I am so happy I attended and will be back for more.”  


“This group has helped me grow, not only mentally, emotionally as well!”