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We are giving food to in-need children from the Philipines…

In the winter of 2016, Shawn walked into a small church chapel and saw around 30 children yelling and hollering. There was a large pot of food and there was a man at the front of the chapel giving bible study.

Right away Shawn was moved and to the point of almost tearing up, he saw how amazing this organization was. It was an organization started by his late great-grandmother, but these children were being fed and learning how to live a better life after such strife in the Philipines.

Life for Philipino children is challenging, just two days earlier Shawn witnessed his uncle giving money to a homeless mother who wasn’t even able to recognize the money that had been given to her. After learning all about the struggles that a young Philipino child goes through, Shawn wanted to help make a difference.

Wildwood Church Ministries

Is an organization founded by Lola Dorothy that is located in the Philippines. The non-profit helps underprivileged children by:

  • Giving them clothing
  • Providing them much needed food
  • Teaching them about the bible and how they can live better lives

In the country, most people make far less than a dollar an hour. Most needy children grow up to be poor and at most hope to work in call centers. Some even live in prostitute bars and make a living through selling their bodies. By contributing to Wildwood, you can help make a difference for the future.

How Alter Shift is Involved…

As a company that is really moved by the cause, we are helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves. Specifically, Alter Shift

  • Donates 10% of all revenue to charitable organizations
  • Gives the money collected here to Wildwood Church Ministries
  • In the future we hope to do more partnership events with the organization

Here at Alter Shift, we are dedicated not only to businesses improving the lives of others, but the world becoming a better place because we had the ability to make it so.

I implore you to donate now while you can. Use the following link to donate any amount that you can: