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Work with Shawn on a Major Life Problem…

To work with Shawn on an ongoing basis, a minimum of $1,000 per month is required. If that is too much for you, then I highly recommend the Alter Shift Mastermind Group program. It features group coaching an can be much more affordable. If however, you still want to work with Shawn privately, schedule a free strategy session here. I only choose to take on 1-2 new clients a month or less.

What others have said…

“Feels like my whole body is shifting. It feels like…I feel so much lighter, I feel so much clearer, it feels like my body is less dense if that makes sense…I feel the profound shift of lightness throughout my whole body on a cellular level I’m kinda feeling in awe that I didn’t know I was holding so much stuff within me. It’s just remarkable, you know I’ve done so much work over 25 years and I’ve never had this kind of profound cellular release. It’s like all my cells are just releasing and freeing themselves. That’s remarkable. Thank you so much. Wow, beyond words. I’m super excited. Super excited. Like super excited. And I’m so incredibly grateful. Thank you. So thank you for that. This is huge. It’s a huge shift.”

alter shift testimonialsAine C.

“Focusing on one financial goal (eliminate debt), rather than chasing 4 goals at once, has brought some extra discipline to my overall spending, and has made decisions easier. I just landed a side contracting gig, and I know exactly how I will apply this extra income to my plan. Before, I would have agonized over what to do with the money. Still have some residual self-talk to destroy, but at least I recognize it when it bubbles up. Our session and new plan is changing my life.”

Valerie M.