Shawn’s Story

All articles featuring Shawn and his journey from being almost homeless, to the leader of an international coaching company.

The Surprising Decision That Opened up my Life

There I was facing the decision that would totally change my life. Totally unaware of just how much this choice would affect me and my future, I decided to make the jump. This decision had been a long time coming. Before, I was living in Denver in a job that I was particularly tired of. [...]

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The First Step For Me Was To Change My Environment

Confined to my bedroom in the house that I knew as home, I was trapped. Along this path of personal development, I knew exactly where I was heading. I learned that I wanted more for my life and I knew that I would do anything to become the person who I wanted to be, but [...]

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One of the Coldest and Darkest Days of My Life

She wouldn't tell me, but I was a disgrace in her eyes. I thought of myself as a complete failure. This woman had looked up to me and I had let her down. Just a little over two and a half years ago in the first few months of the cold winter of 2014 I [...]

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What I Learned After Helping the Homeless

I never understood why people would donate their time and money to help those less fortunate. In my studies of highly successful people, just about all of them were interested in giving back to the community and others in some way. Bill and Melinda Gates have one of the largest organizations aimed at enhancing healthcare, [...]

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When I Taught Myself I Could Learn Anything

I was 15 and going through a very interesting time in my life. It was the football offseason and before this time that was the only thing that I cared about in my life. But because I had to at least pass my classes to play, I started to find that I was actually kind [...]

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The Moment My Life Changed

Watching with teary eyes I watched my father drive off in an angry haste. I was stuck. Locked out of my one bedroom apartment inside an old victorian home, I thought of how my life had come to this. It was a continuous problem in my life. People were always letting me down and I [...]

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Welcome – Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My relationships sucked. I could hardly make it to the gym on a regular basis and my body hated me for it. I was thousands of dollars in debt. I was in the dark depths of all areas in my life wondering what to do next. I sat in my room wondering how my life [...]

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