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The founder of Alter Shift, thought leader on business and trainer of NLP.

Doing Something with Your Life is the Hard Part

Recently, the vast majority of time and energy of most people has been spent wasted. I have seen posts on social media of fear, worry, and propaganda of all such things that may or may not have happened. It is easy to perpetuate these thoughts and ideas. While there may be some concern in the [...]

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Your Success or Failure is Dependent Only on You

People are freaking out. An election just happened and it didn’t go the way that a large many wanted it to. For some reason, now they are speaking up and making their voices heard, but they are also spreading a fear and delusion that this one event and this one person is going to mean [...]

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How Easy is it to Travel?

There I was carrying my luggage in the middle of a busy street in Bali, Indonesia. I had just declined the place I was going to stay for the next month and I didn’t know where I was going to go next. The place was on a two-story floor overlooking the busiest part of the [...]

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The Power of Perspective

New points of view can mean the world to your change and growth. Recently I have been doing some traveling and it has never been more clear to me just how valuable dissenting opinions and differences can be. Most people move away from anyone that is different from them. They avoid challenges to their current [...]

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Featured on the Hayley Quinn Podcast

Hayley Quinn is a dating guru, who helps you to take control of your dating life, break all the made up Rules. She's a Kickass Entrepreneur, a Mad YouTuber. I reached out to her to collaborate on a podcast teaching others how to use NLP in dating. I had the pleasure of being featured on both [...]

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