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The founder of Alter Shift, trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Pacing and Leading

This is one of the most most important topics in NLP. Pacing and leading is the power to gain rapport with someone and then lead them somewhere new. It can mean the success or failure of your relationship, how fluid your business associations will be, and even how well you connect with your family. Having [...]

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A simple concept in NLP has even more profound implications that some don’t touch on. Anchoring is a term that was coined in Neuro-linguistic Programming years ago. Some psychologists refer to the concept as association, but more than anything it is a concept that can be used to your tremendously positive benefit, or as many [...]

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People tend to make a simple concept rather complicated and today people seem to come to confusion when discussing what rapport is. “Is it the same body language?” “Is it saying the same things?” “Isn’t it just liking someone?” It is all of those things, but it is even simpler than that. Rapport is sameness. [...]

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She is the Ocean and He the Ship

“Like a ship cutting through a vast ocean, the masculine decides on a course and navigates the direction: the feminine energy itself is undirected but immense, like the wind and deep currents of the ocean, ever-changing, beautiful, destructive, and the source of life.” -David Deida Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about [...]

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