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The founder of Alter Shift, thought leader on business and trainer of NLP.

How to do the Free Strategy Session Call

If you are a coach or a service provider, you know what I am talking about with the free strategy session phone call. This is also known as free breakthrough sessions, discovery sessions, clarity sessions, or other names. What you need to know about this sales call is that it is super specific and just [...]

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Is Guest Blogging a Waste of Time?

Years ago when I hired a coach to really succeed in business online, one of the strategies he pushed hardest was guest posting on popular blogs. The idea sounded great. The opportunity to put myself in front of many readers and to be shown as an important influencer sounded fantastic, yet the results were abysmal. [...]

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Why Getting a Coaching Certification Makes No Business Sense

The most important reason for starting a business is to make money. The point of a business is to provide value and thus make you money. Without this you can just have expensive and time-consuming hobbies, but in a business you are looking to get a return on your investments. Whether this is investing your [...]

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