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altershift testimonials

“Before working with Shawn, I wanted to charge $800/client for a transformational fitness program. After working with Shawn, I got over my limitations in working with wealthier people and I upped my prices to $8,000/client.”

Meche, Health and Wellness Trainer, makes others feel 20 years younger

“Before I spoke to Shawn, I was clueless in how to go forward in my business, make money and how to invest my time more wisely. Now I am clear on the path I should take and the direction I am going on. He gave me a detailed plan on how to implement strategies to building up my business. It was one of the best coaching programs I have ever done because he actually shows you how to go from one point to the next.”

Vanessa, Works with millennials for life happiness

“Shawn is an absolute visionary. Working and being a part of something with him has made all the difference.”

Dave, Works with churches and organizations
andrew alexander

“Shawn got me to raise my standards and my prices for my business. Before I would charge $100 or less for a session. Now I am getting $2,000 clients.”

Andrew, Works with start up entrepreneurs
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“Working with Shawn taught me how I was wasting my time building my social media and how I needed to think bigger about what I could do for my clients. Charging higher prices and narrowing on a more specific problem to fix made all the difference for me. Thanks Shawn.”

Daniel, Works with business owners to recapture brand identity

“Shawn showed me that branding isn’t the most important thing. While I was worried about ‘my brand’, who I was and everything that others saw me as, there was a more important realization to be found. He taught me that it’s not about building a brand, but contributing to others at the highest level. Your brand doesn’t matter, but what you do for your clients does. They care about their problem being solved, not necessarily how it gets solved.”

Darrel, Works with women to promote life balance