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My life was a complete mess.

I was at my wit’s end and I was finally ready for a change. However, I was so poor from being thousands of dollars in debt that I couldn’t even afford to get the kind of professional help I needed and so I set out to learn hypnosis to erase my painful memories.

Within that past year I had destroyed my life.

I lost the greatest love that I had ever known. I lost my apartment that was downtown in the city. I lost a job I had known for 4 years.

And now here I was on the way up and looking for a way to change everything. My goal was to erase the memory of the woman I loved and while this never happened everything changed for me. It all started the day that I decided to learn Neuro-Linguistic programming.

Then, I completely turned my life around.

  • I paid off over $10,000 in debt and built up a savings to travel the world.
  • I got over my past love and learned how to love again with someone new in a successful and passionate relationship.
  • I taught others NLP and I built the largest community in Denver.
  • I became a powerful public speaker.
  • I found success in Denver, Colorado living and making the kind of money I had only dreamed about.
  • Then, I left that job and decided to travel the world.
  • I was the most nervous when I gave a featured presentation at my favorite co-working center in Bali, Indonesia.
  • After I returned to America, I sold and gave away all of my possessions to charity in order to travel the world permanently.

Now, I live everyday in happiness and joy of what my life has become. Life wasn’t always this good and it took a lot for me to get here, but Neuro-Linguistic Programming changed my life. It’s my greatest passion, and if I could give anything to the world, it would be to show others that we are capable of so much more.

What we do…

I started Alter Shift to give back the knowledge that I learned that changed my life so profoundly. It started out as small weekly Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainings so that I could learn NLP. Whether we had 2 people or 10 people I would still learn all the material and teach it as best as I could. Soon, we grew and grew. I became better and better at teaching and practicing NLP. Then, people were reaching out to me to become clients.

But, I am most passionate about teaching this knowledge to others and having it make a difference in their lives.

Currently, Alter Shift does this by having weekly online trainings. We do this by:

  • Group sessions where we learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Questions and answers in small groups so we can learn and grow together closely.
  • A focus on the fundamental aspects of NLP
  • In depth and non-judgmental training. None of us pretend to have all the answers.
  • A warm and open community where everyone is accepted and everyone can contribute.

The thing is, Neuro-Linguistic Programming hasn’t changed in the last 30+ years since it has been founded, but the people have changed. How they communicate, their needs, their goals, and a myriad of other circumstances have profoundly impacted how NLP can be useful today.

And some companies are still teaching NLP how it was done in the 1980s.

People have evolved and their needs are different. Today, we use Neuro-Linguistic Programming on computer conference calls, in emails, in texting, and a variety of more ways that just aren’t covered in contemporary NLP studies.

Alter Shift is changing all this. Our aim is to give Neuro-Linguistic Programming to the people who need it and in the ways that they need it. Today you must be adaptable in your communication,  a precept that was first taught in the early days of NLP, but one that is most relevant to you and your success as a communicator in this day and age.

NLP will transform your life. It will improve your relationships, your health, your communications with others, your self worth, and a litany of other areas in your life. It will help you get past any trouble that you are going through now and it will empower you to help others. I invite you to come learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming with us.

Thanks for reading and I encourage you to live the life you’ve always imagined.

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