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If you are looking for ways to attract more clients and to demand a higher price for your coaching services, then you are in the right place.

And many people on the internet will say exactly similar things to that, but let me tell you a story so you know why you should listen to me.

I was frustrated.

For years I tried this online business thing and the latest attempt took me down a path with a coach who was supposed to take me to the next level.

He got me a book by Gary Vaynerchuck and proposed that everyday I should post on social media.

Everyday I had my routine. I would shoot a YouTube video, then I would post on Instagram, then I updated my Facebook status, and I even got Snapchat.

But something inside of me knew that something was wrong here. That something was out of place here and finally my greatest realization was that I am not an expert at posting inspirational stories, I don’t have a desire to write fantastic blog posts, and I could care less how many Facebook followers I have.

So I stopped all of it.

I no longer posted on social media just to get more clients. I no longer tried to perfect my blog post writing skills. I no longer tried to fight for space with the great wide competition of other coaches out there and I won.

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As a mindset coach, one of the greatest realizations that I came to was that it isn’t about doing more, but it’s about doing the right things and being more for those you serve. Before, I was missing this and now I couldn’t be without this one key.

The truth is, we can fall victim to a rat race of continually trying to do more, where we are constantly trying to chase more things, more possessions, more guest posts, more guest blogs, more clients, and more accolades…OR…we can come to realize that we are already enough and that someone out there is looking for exactly what we already have. All you have to do is believe you are enough and serve those people, while not wasting your time on other those other unimportant things.

“Your only limitation is the one you set up in your own mind!” -Napoleon Hill 

So my name is Shawn. Here is a little bit about my story…

I went to college and got a double major in finance and accounting (from one of those big schools). Then I ventured out to follow life’s narrative (as it was currently described to me), so I went and got a corporate job with one of those suits, a cubicle, and more money than I even knew what to do with.

But things were out of place.

I got promoted, but I wasn’t happy. All of my co-workers liked me, but I didn’t like them. I just couldn’t believe that life could be so uninspiring.

So I dove into a discipline that I found with the aid of Tony Robbins. I learned Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Transactional Analysis, and tons of other things that have the power to instantly transform someone’s mind and their life.

Not having anywhere to practice these amazing skills, I developed a group full of people who I taught NLP to in Denver. Each week we would learn new transformational exercises and we would come to empower each other. Then, I started to become so good at my craft that the others suggested I go into business for myself.

Meanwhile at cubicle land, I knew things were about to change and after being considered for the head of a department that I knew I didn’t want, I would venture out on my own to master this online business thing.

And I didn’t stop there. 

I left the country and traveled to co-working centers all over the world, learning how online businesses really work from those who were actually doing it. The information and the knowledge transformed how I think about online businesses, but also how I thought of how to help others. Now, more empowered and more emboldened, my change work elevated to a whole new level.

Then, what I came to find was that the biggest thing holding back those who are wanting to really succeed in their online coaching business is only what is in their own minds and that once they let go of these limiting beliefs then a whole world of online business success is open to them. One where they can have a tremendous impact on the lives of others. One where they can be free of borders, boundaries, and limitations. One that they can be truly happy and grateful for the lives they are living and the moments that they are creating and sharing everyday for their own clients.

Though great stories are nice, expertise must be built through that undertaking. Here’s some of mine:

  • I’m the founder and creator of Alter Shift Mastermind, a group coaching program for coaches in business. I show coaches how to find their ideal clients, enroll them at premium prices, and how to live a life full of contribution.

  • I’ve coached hundreds of others all over the world and across 5 different continents.

  • Featured speaker at Dojo Bali Co-Working Center in Indonesia “Mental Health for Nomads”

  • I’ve spoken around the world on health, relationships, business, mindset, and numerous other topics

  • I took the Empowerment Partnership’s NLP certification course

  • 150 hours training practitioners in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • 300 hours working with others through Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • 50 hours working with others on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Certified Hypnotist through HMI – Hypnosis Motivation Institute

And now, today and everyday, I help other coaches build $10,000 a month or more coaching businesses. I travel the world with nothing more than a laptop and a suitcase and I absolutely love it. If you could find me I might be enjoying the beaches of Bali, negotiating with local shopkeepers in Malaysia, or riding motorcycles in the Philippines.

It’s an amazing life, but what is most important is that you can build your coaching practice too. If you are interested on how to do so now, I suggest checking out my latest webinar.

As always, I encourage you to live the life you’ve always imagined.

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