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Let’s Build You A Client Attraction System!

In My Latest Webinar, You’ll Learn…

• The step-by-step gameplan you need to take you to $10,000 a month or more in your coaching business…without doing more posts on social media, gaining a huge following, creating a podcast, or making even more products.

•  How you can consistently and easily attract new clients who are perfect for your services into your business EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

• Why you are actually letting your clients down by not charging them more…and how by charging a premium price everyone wins.

• The real reason why you are not winning in your coaching business (Hint: It’s not because you don’t work enough!).

• The secret to becoming your client’s trusted expert…the one expert that your clients will pay anything to work with…and how knowing this one thing changes EVERYTHING.

• How you are likely not even aware of your biggest limitation…that your limiting beliefs can destroy your business or they can create the FREEDOM, WEALTH, and CONTRIBUTION that you want most in life…and it all starts with a shift of the mind.

• AND how to do all this while coming from complete honesty, compassion, and a compelling desire to help others in life.

alter shift shawn schweier

Shawn Schweier

The founder of Alter Shift and mindset expert. He helps coaches grow their businesses to $10,000 a month or more and does this with a compelling desire to give more to the world.

“Shawn is a glowing light that is destined to transform the world.” -Esmerelda, Shawn’s very first client


“Before I spoke to Shawn, I was clueless in how to go forward in my business, make money and how to invest my time more wisely. Now I am clear on the path I should take and the direction I am going on. He gave me a detailed plan on how to implement strategies to building up my business. It was one of the best coaching programs I have ever done because he actually shows you how to go from one point to the next.”

VanessaVanessa, Works with millennials for life happiness